Pennsylvania State NRA Airgun Silhouette Championships

Well, today I shot the State Championships for NRA Airgun Silhouette which was held at My Club in Falls Township, Pennsylvania.  We’re loacated just north of Philadelphia, and do an NRA sanctioned airgun match every Thursday evening starting at 6PM in summers, and an unsanctioned indoor air/smallbore silhouette match during the winter months.  It’s great fun, really.  At states, I managed to score second out of four in my class with a 39 (out of 80.  22 on the first match, bombed the second with a 17).  We started off with five AA shooters, but one guy shot well enough to move his classification up to AAA.  I decided to take some pictures so folks who aren’t familiar with silhouette, and what club competitions are like can see for yourselves.

It was a very fun match, and Dave did a great job putting it together.  He knows how to run a fun match.  I never thought I would get as much enjoyment out of air gun as I do.

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  1. Hey, I was in Pennsylvania this weekend (Phoenixville, to be exact) shooting my RWS 350 Magnum air rifle in .22 cal. and my Gamo CFX in .177 cal., on my friend’s property. I was making 3″ dia. apples explode on his apple trees anywhere from 17 to 25 yds with Super H Point pellets, in both chamberings. Don’t worry about them apples; they weren’t viable enough for daily human consumption. Besides, I just made it easier for the deer on his property to munch them off the ground. At 34 yds, I was putting .177 cal. pellets into a 2″ group with open sights using my Crosman 1377 multi-pump air pistol. I have to check to see if there’s an air gun competitive shooting thingy up here in NY.

  2. I’ve been thinking of some sort of entry level/informal sort of competition. Getting kind of boring shooting at altoids all by myself. What info can you provide on these competitions? I see both springers and PCP’s, so I’m assuming any powerplant is permissible. What about restrictions on caliber, scope power, FPE, etc.? Also, what ranges are you dealing with here?

  3. For NRA Air Silhouette, pretty much any air gun qualifies. The 2300S surely does, and it’s cheap. You have 1/10th scale animals for air pistol and air rifle. Chickens are about the size of a grape. Pigs the size of a walnut. Turkeys maybe the size of a peanut. Rams about the size of a small lemon.

    For air pistol, which is what I shoot, chickens are a 10 yards, pigs at 12.5 yards, turkeys at 15, and rams at 18 yards.

    For air rifle, chickens at 20 yards, pigs at 30, turkeys at 36, and rams at 45.

    You can see a description here.

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