Overuse of SWAT Raids

Brillianter talks about how problematic SWAT tactics are at performing the majority of things they are asked to do these days.  It seems more and more departments are forming tactical teams.  When I was growing up, big cities had them, and I think there were SWAT teams provided by the county.  Now the local police have them too.  If you are spending a lot of money obtaining and maintaining and expensive tool, the natural reaction is to look for places to use it.

4 thoughts on “Overuse of SWAT Raids”

  1. This is the consequence of Homeland Security giving out money and the locals and every district has been putting the money into equipment and SWAT.

    Once people have new toys they want to use them. SWAT raids for minor crap is they way of things to come.

  2. You can use brawn if you don’t want to put in the time brains requires. Why arrest the guy when he goes grocery shopping when you can knock down his door and run around with MP5s?

  3. http://www.policemag.com/News/2008/03/06/S-C-Sheriffs-Department-Armored-Vehicle-with-Belt-Fed-Machine-Gun.aspx

    acquired an armored personnel carrier complete with a turret-mounted .50-caliber belt-fed machine gun for its Special Response Team.

    in WHAT circumstances is a 50 cal machine gun called up in an urban area? What are the rules of use, and will they be held liable when innocents are killed?

    Also of interest on the LE front is a case before the court.


  4. An awful lot of these people need to be whacked over the head with a board that has Peel’s 9 principles engraved on it.

    AND have their fancy toys taken away from them.

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