Running into (nearly) Family

Bitter and I went to my father’s for Thanksgiving in Delaware. My sister didn’t come.  I typically see my sister maybe once a year, so she hasn’t yet met Bitter. We were talking about the fact that Karen never goes to any family functions, and wondering when she might actually get a chance to meet her.

I stopped off to get gas in my home town, which is on the way back from my Dad’s, just south of the Philadelphia Airport (mostly because I know where the gas stations are), and on the way back out to the highway noticed some fire department activity, and said to Bitter “Well, my sister could be in that”. As I was driving slowly past the scene, a firefighter motioned for me to stop so they could get across the street, and sure enough, it was my sister. She didn’t notice it was me, since it was dark out.

It’s a good thing I stopped. I mean, they’ll string you up if you hit a firefighter. But what they are a family? “Well, officer… this is really a family matter. See, she never comes to visit, so running her over was really the only way to introduce her to my girlfriend.”

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