Iran Seizes British Embassy Officials

This kind of thing is very serious.  What will the British do?  It’s pretty clear Obama is not willing to stand up to these cretins who run Iran, and will readily abandon close allies in order to make a deal with the regime.  What Europe is witnessing is a taste of what is to come if the United States withdraws from the world stage.

Europe is on its own.  I hate that it’s that way, but hey, hope and change has come.

3 thoughts on “Iran Seizes British Embassy Officials”

  1. I believe the SOP is to respond tit-for-tat, so the British could (and should) invade the nearest Iranian mission and arrest all the personnel therein.

    Unfortunately, anything beyond that would just look like impotent rage…

  2. Fox news is reporting that these were not British subjects, but Iranian locals working for the British Embassy….. FWIW.

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