Maybe It’s Time to Look in a Mirror

The city is upset that it, once again, has to fight with Harrisburg to get more money:

Some chalk up the expected fight over the city budget to the normal politics of cutting deals in Harrisburg. But others believe the battle will be complicated and fueled by an entrenched anti-Philadelphia bias among lawmakers from other parts of the state who believe the city is rife with corruption and mismanagement.

It’s all true, and unfortunately for the City of Philadelphia, the perception people have in the rest of the state is entirely correct.  I can’t blame people in Altoona for not wanting to pay for Philadelphia’s inability to govern itself.  How many operations has the state had to take over from the City over the years because the City proved incapable of managing it?  The Philadelphia School District and the Parking Authority come to mind.

One thought on “Maybe It’s Time to Look in a Mirror”

  1. If the city is incapable of governing itself, perhaps the state could revoke home rule and do it for them!

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