Lugar is Out

No matter what else happens this election cycle, there are at least politicians out there who’s uppance has finally come. Dick Lugar can now be added to that list. There was never any universe where Hoosiers needed to tolerate being represented by a guy who didn’t even think enough of the Second Amendment to sign on to the Heller brief.

UPDATE: Scott Walker is on the verge of doing better than the entire Democratic field in a Democratic primary.

UPDATE: While President Obama has won the West Virginia Primary, he did lose at least 40% of the vote and 5 7 whole counties to Democratic challenger Keith Judd, Federal Inmate number 11593-051, serving a federal prison sentence of 17 and a half years for extortion in the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty of NRO: “I’m sure this night could have gone worse for Democrats, I’m just trying to think of how.”

5 thoughts on “Lugar is Out”

  1. Remember, you don’t have to live in WI to donate to the Walker campaign. Even a $10 donation will go a long way towards helping Scott fend of the recall. You know a lot of outside money is working to send him packing.

  2. 17.5 yrs for just extortion? Musta been somebody really politically connected or something. Rapists and Murderers get away with less than that.

  3. I’m glad to hear about Lugar! Now, if only we can do something similar with Hatch in Utah–although, with Hatch, he’s mostly been pretty good on the issue of guns (although, if I recall correctly, he voted for the Assault Weapons ban initially), and he’s the NRA Endorsed Candidate.

    It’s just the other issues I’m concerned about, so I’m trying to get around to donating to Dan Liljinquist…at the very least, I’ll be voting for him in the Primaries.

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