Congressional Amicus Brief in Favor of Heller

NRA has a list of Congressman and Senators who have signed on. Compare it to the list of Congressman and Senators from the Congressional brief on DC’s side, and it’s almost laughable.

I would note that John McCain has signed onto this brief. I would also note that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama have signed on. Anyone still willing to say there’s no difference between McCain and those two?

Both Pennsylvania Senators have signed on. I notice that my Congressman, Pat Murphy, has not. He may have a concealed carry license, but if he wants my support, he has to do better than this. He’ll be getting a letter about this for sure. If your local Congress Critter is not on here, you should also send a letter asking why.

UPDATE: See “Rep. Tom Davis (VA-11)” Maybe his wife’s defeat running on a gun control platform has caused him to see the light.

UPDATE: I’m told that, in his capacity as President of the Senate, Vice President Cheney will be signing onto the brief as well.

8 thoughts on “Congressional Amicus Brief in Favor of Heller”

  1. Brief is online as a PDF here:

    The Amici Curiae include Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, the lead member, and 54 other members of the United States Senate; the President of the United States Senate; and 250 members of the United States House of Representatives.

  2. I didn’t expect to see Durbin or Obama on it but I’m surprised not to see my Rep. Methinks he’ll be getting a letter.

  3. I would be very surprised to see any of my Reps on it. If you want to see what the future definitely holds if Billary or Obombsta win, look to California — but don’t expect to enjoy our weather.

  4. I’ve been reading a number of the amici and they are quite impressive. I can’t help but wonder how some of the more ideologically left-wing justices will take them.

    Have they ever truly considered these ideas and facts before? Will they just ignore the evidence and vote their ideology?

    I tend to think that, if they are intellectually honest (and to some degree I think that they are), they won’t be able to not be affected. I suspect that their anti-gun opinions are not well-thought through, that they have never really engaged the pro-gun arguments, and that these documents will influence them.

    Your thoughts?

  5. Where the heck are Ted and Chuck and the rest of the gang of 16?

  6. Neither of Indiana’s senators signed, although only two of the nine representatives did — you wouldn’t expect Viclosky to have signed (I’m surprised he didn’t sign the other one), but Julia Carson just died a few weeks ago, so I’m not sure anyone is sitting in that seat to have signed, so I’ll give the 7th a pass (though she wouldn’t have had she still been alive).

    My rep, Peterson, signed. That’s not at all surprising.

  7. Mad Saint Jack asks: Where the heck are Ted and Chuck and the rest of the gang of 16?

    If you mean the “Gang of 14,” John McCain is on there. I’m sure this may encourage many to speculate on his motivation. So, too, are Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Ben Nelson, and John Salazar.

    I’m so glad that one of my Senators, Gang of 14er, John Warner, is finally retiring. He has been all but useless as a “conservative” represenative. He was one of only three Republican Senators missing on the signature line. I wrote him one time on a gun issue and “he” wrote back something including the infamous phrase, “I believe in the 2nd Amendment … but…” I read somewhere those folks are now being called “but monkeys.”

    On the other hand, my other Senator, Jim Webb signed. Webb stands opposed to many, many positions I hold but on the issue of gun rights he’s as solid as a rock. He ran on that position and has, to my knowledge, followed up well.

  8. Yeah, McCain knows he can lie to the gun-rights supporters and get elected. Hillary and Obama know that it would be a waste of time.

    McCain had to sign on. IF he had not it would have made it a lot more difficult for the appeasers to swing the gun vote to McCain. Heck, if he had not signed the votes might have gone to a third party candidate.

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