What’s Wrong With This Picture

From Paul Helmke:

But in response to complaints by the NRA bosses who don’t want to tell the public where their money comes from, the 53 Democrats who receive money from the NRA apparently insisted the bill be changed. This led to a “compromise” that exempts groups with more than a million members; and that raised 15 percent or less funding from corporations; that have members in all 50 states; and that have been around at least 10 years.

So you’re suggesting NRA doesn’t want to tell the public where their money comes from, even though the exemption tells you where. NRA is raising most of it’s money from its 4 million members in increments of 20 and 30 dollars. I’m glad when our opponents make mistakes. Why include the terms of the exemption? It basically just tells the world they’ve been lying to the public about the nature of the “gun lobby” for years — that it was a tool of the gun makers rather than a real grassroots organization.

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  1. So the privacy of donars to new organizations, with small membership bases, that are only in a handful of states, don’t matter?

    I could sort-of see the corporation non-exemption: a corporation doesn’t necessarily represent all the customers, employees, etc, that contribute to the life of the corporation; additionally, a corporation acts as a “shield” to protect those in the corporation.

    Individuals should still be free to donate small amounts to whatever organizations they please, without the organization being required to announce it to the world.

  2. They would be under this. You can give up to 600 dollars without being subject to DISCLOSE as an individual. The problem is a lot of people donate more than this to NRA.

  3. I suspect you may find donors choosing to give $599 to the organization via themselves as well as in the names of their family members if they choose tho not want to have their support disclosed.

  4. Sebastian:

    Thank Helmke for compiling the list of those 53 Democrats and post their names with a request that every gun owner call and/or write a note of gratitude.

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