Canada’s Registry Closer to Deletion

Supreme Court of Canada

Quebec just keeps losing at the appeals court level in their quest to preserve Canada’s long gun registry after the federal government voted to get rid of the expensive boondoggle.

After Quebec lost their case to force the federal government to hold on to the data so they could use it for a provincial registry, they asked for a stay to preserve the data while they appeal to the Supreme Court. They apparently argued that it would cost their province quite a bit of money to recreate the database, and that’s why they didn’t want to allow the federal government follow the court decision. According to the article, the judge said that saving Quebec’s money for the program they voted for isn’t a good enough reason to force the federal government to keep maintaining the database.

3 thoughts on “Canada’s Registry Closer to Deletion”

  1. They still have the useless handgun registry. Since 1934, it hasn’t prevented or helped to solve a single crime. The Ontario Chief Firearms Officer is on a tear. He invents regulations at whim. His latest is that handgun owners, who already have to transport their firearm unloaded, trigger locked and case locked only to and from the range, now must have a written invite from a member in good standing to a range of which they are not a member.
    Really, the LGR is the least of the problems for Canadian gun owners, but dumping the 2 Billion dollars piece of garbage is a start.

  2. Call me a cynical American, but I don’t for one eensy teensy moment think that any gun registry in any country is ever going to be deleted or erased forever, no matter what anyone says.

    1. Two have been eliminated. One in Canada. One in New Zealand. But, since legal gun owners have to be licensed, law enforcement still knows who has the guns. So, you have a point.

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