The Bloomberg/Menino Gun Control Ad

Notice they don’t let Mumbles talk a whole lot. But I do have to say I’m relatively relieved. This could have been a lot worse for us, especially if they had been willing to spend money on a one minute spot. They spent so much time in their initial comical banter, they were only able to make a laughable statement about supporting the Second Amendment, and then imploring people to visit their web site (which no one will). Given that we now know they only bought spots in the DC market, my opinion in that this ad is meant to get MAIG exposure in front of politicians. After all, if they have the money to buy a Super Bowl ad, they must be big players in this issue. And imagine what they could do if they pumped money into issue ads during a race?

Of course, they already tried that in a media market primed for their message and failed spectacularly. But they surely want DC to know who the big dog is in this issue.

12 thoughts on “The Bloomberg/Menino Gun Control Ad”

  1. My response to this is that I’ll be assembling a new AR15 lower receiver group from parts while watching “Firefly” DVD’s. I am to misbehave.

  2. Neither are governor of the respective states. They are pissant mayors!

    Its time for the rest of their respective states to stand up and say hell no.


    1. Like Chicago, the Mayors of Boston and New York are more the true Governors of the State. The elected governors have to be blessed and approved by these big city boys.

      1. That depends – In Massachusetts it is city Democrats against suburban / rural Republicans. Weld and Romney won by running against the city types. I’m in New Jersey now – same deal with Chris Christie.

  3. It just ran.

    3rd commercial after the end of the half. Almost missed it as I was running to take a leak.

    Madonna sucks.

    But Bloomberg and Mennino suck more.

  4. Did they have a ten-year old run the camera? Spring for a goddamned steadicam next time if you’re going handheld guys…if it had been a one minute ad I think I would have gotten seasick!

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