MAIG to Run Super Bowl Ad

Jacob is reporting on Mayor Mike and Mayor Mumbles appearing in locally targeted Super Bowl advertising time for MAIG. When evaluating how serious a threat our opponents actions represent, I try to ask myself whether I’d think NRA was wasting their money if they were to do the same thing. I think if NRA were taking out Super Bowl ads, I would say it’s a waste, so my impression is that this is flushing money down the toilet for MAIG.

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  1. There is an argument that NRA could make money on a superbowl ad – it would just be very different and it’s goal would be to increase membership.

    Think Regan’s “Morning in America” but for hunting, sport, and self defense. The audience is primed.

    Note that them not doing it means nothing negative though. However, if MIAG were to go too wide with their ad, they could really cause a backlash!


  2. This brings up an interesting point: Super Bowl ads are not cheap, so where does MAIG get its money? Are they so flush that they can blow it on an TV ad that will probably be forgotten by the end of the quarter?

    1. It helps when you have a 6 billion dollar man as the head of the organization. If he’s shelling out $3,000,000 for a ad (doubt that much since it’s local market), he would just dig in the sofa to put out what he needs to pay for the commercial.

    2. Notice that this is a regional commercial. It is probably expensive, but not near the millions that it would cost to broadcast nationally.

  3. People that aren’t attuned to the issue know what the NRA is. Everyone does. I dare say that few ‘straights’ that don’t give a thought toward guns either way know what MAIG is. Perhaps this is MAIG’s cotillion. People knew who/what Brady was, but that is LAST year’s debutante that no one dances with anymore.

  4. I find it interesting that none of the media reports I’ve read on the commercial dared to address the question of what regions they are targeting. There was one with a quote from Menino that it is ultimately meant to hit politicians in DC. Does that mean it’s just a DC-area buy? Or are they picking states where they want to stir the pot politically? Curious questions.

  5. How to make a MAIG Super-bowl ad backfire.

    A few years ago the Superbowl was talking about prohibiting groups from watching the game on screens bigger than 55″. Mainly, because many churches and organizations were hosting Superbowl parties and they feared viewership ratings would suffer for it. (In truth, such parties convert many church goers to Superbowlers every year, including my 50 year old mother.)

    Many objected to this policy and the threats of lawsuits. I myself emailed every single advertiser regarding my objection to the policy.

    Few companies responded and most with rather generic form letters. One was an exception. One company called me to get further details on my concern. A week later I was called by a representative of the Superbowl to try to allay concerns, share their side, and record my feedback on the matter. This one advertiser carried so much weight that the NFL itself jumped in response.


    If MAIG does run an add, I suggest we create a flood of feedback to Pepsi regarding the issue. Express how the Superbowl and Hunting are two of our most cherished family traditions. Etc. Etc.

    I’d wager that it’ll be the last MAIG commercial aired at the Superbowl.

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