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What a Shame

Sen. Dianne Feinstein got stuck in an elevator with Senate aides today. Unfortunately, they let her out.

Your Friday Laugh

Even the most jaded should be able to find a little humor in this take on the massive NSA data collection:

Spoofs like this are great ways to spread larger ideas.

A Humorous Review of a Tactical Pen

From Robb Allen. When those titanium pens come out, they are going to be something else.

Echoes of The Toomey-Manchin Amendment

Every time we keep having back and forth about what the bill does or doesn’t do, I keep thinking of this:

When life starts imitating Monty Python, I think it’s safe to say the Republic is in trouble.

Joe Biden’s Gun Tips

IMAO has posted a list of gun tips offered to Americans by our brilliant and thoughtful Vice President.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From Dianne Feinstein:

Obama and Skeet Shooting

This is certainly taking off in the media. I’m not sure what that skeet shooting move is called.

Joe Biden …

… mall ninja? That’s pretty funny right there.

The Voting Habits of Mythical Creatures

I’m pretty sure that polling has jumped the shark when they start asking people about their thoughts on Santa’s partisan voting habits. Yes, Santa’s party registration is up for debate in a new poll from a Democratic pollster.

But leave it to Jim Geraghty breaks down why this poll is likely wrong.

And just wait to see what he has to say about the Easter Bunny’s positions on public policy…

New Gun Related Cartoon

Many thanks to Thirdpower for introducing me to this new online comic series which started back in September. Click here to get started, and just keep on reading.

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