Shooting Olympian to Address GOP Convention

Provided that a hurricane doesn’t interrupt the GOP convention, they have invited shooting Olympic record holder Kim Rhode to speak at the event. In fact, I’m very impressed by the fact that the GOP does not shy away from mentioning her shooting records in her biography. There’s no sugarcoating it, they are straight up talking about Rhode’s accomplishments as a serious competitive shooter. It’s a context that doesn’t threaten people, but makes clear that shooting is an American pastime.

Kim Rhode, the co-host of the Outdoor Channel’s Step Outside program, is the only American Olympian to win five medals in an individual event in five consecutive Olympic Games. She’s the most successful female shooter at the Olympics, the only triple Olympic Champion and the only woman to have won two gold medals for Double Trap. Most recently, she brought home gold in skeet shooting at the 2012 Summer Games in London, equaling the world record of 99 out of 100 clays. When double trap was eliminated from the Olympic Games, she set a new world record in skeet at the 2007 world cup competitions, going on to win the silver at the 2008 Summer Olympics in women’s skeet.

Also, of the 11 Olympians attending, she’s one of three selected to speak.

6 thoughts on “Shooting Olympian to Address GOP Convention”

  1. The GOP is talking some mighty sweet talk. And the last couple of times the congressional delegations have walked the walk. Lets see what happens.

  2. Two predictions: first, numerous leftists will call for Kim Rhodes’ rape and murder. Second, being cowardly parasites who only attack those who can’t fight back, they won’t follow through. Instead, they’ll find a nice preteen Mormon girl to rape instead.

  3. I seriously doubt that Isaac will bother Tampa. As I said from the first computer models, storms in that area tend to drift westward. Yesterday’s prediction was for the eye to pass over Apalachicola, today Fort Walton, and tomorrow’s forecast will probably be Mobile Bay to Pascagoula, Mississippi. And I will be as busy as a dog with fleas Tuesday and Wednesday.

    And by Thursday and Friday the Northeast Corridor should get a serious wet-down. Be careful up there – floods kill more than wind.


    1. I’m following self-described “Weather Nerd” Brendon Loy, and it’s trending west, very possibly New Orleans (!), although intensity as well as its track is highly uncertain, then again, Katrina was only Category 1 when it hit/did a near miss of New Orleans.

  4. I find it interesting that we separate the men from women in shooting sports. I’d bet that Kim would destroy the Olympic Men’s division as well.

    Maybe its to spare us men the embarrassment?

  5. Who’s this “we”? The (Euro?)weenie and anti-practical shooting International Shooting Sport Federation governs the Olympic events, and Wikipedia mentions:

    Events marked as “Men’s” were actually open events from 1968 until 1980 (and in shotgun events until 1992). Two women won medals in such mixed events: Margaret Murdock, silver in Rifle 3 positions (1976) and Zhang Shan, gold in Skeet (1992).

    Whereas as far as I know e.g. many/most/all not specifically for women? NRA Camp Perry competitions are open, and women are competitive. E.g. just poking around the website I found this:

    National Rifle Association Official National Records as of 8/26/2012

    F-CLASS – OPEN (Rule 3.4(a)) [60]

    Individual High Power Rifle Long Range

    15 SHOTS, 300 YDS



    Where this Ruth with a 150/13X score is in a three way tie with two other men for the Open and Civilian records, and not surprisingly holds the Women’s record, plus the Junior one. From my extremely indifferent following of these competitions I know she’s not the only women champion … which is not difficult for me to believe, for in JROTC smallbore I was second by quite a distance after a girl who was an old friend.

    I’m sure ridiculous politics have more than anything to do with the Olympic situation and that your speculation is likely well founded: it can’t be an accident that after Zhang Shan from the PRC showed up the boys, women were altogether excluded from skeet in the very next Olympics (a women’s skeet competition was established in the one after that).

    And something tells me the Euroweenies at the very least don’t want to compete with any future Annie Oakleys, especially since I suspect the American field of competitive women shooters is a lot deeper than any other country’s.

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