A Work of Art

I would seriously love to have a chess set like this around the house. Every gun nut needs one of these out on display. (h/t Robb Allen)

6 Responses to “A Work of Art”

  1. rightwingwacko says:

    Would probably get you arrested in DC and NJ,

    I want one!

    • Bitter says:

      New Jersey isn’t a problem for empty brass. Now in DC and MA, it’s not really illegal given how these have been modified where they can no longer be used at all, but it could fall into the category of legally risky depending on how much the local cops and prosecutor like or dislike you if you aren’t licensed.

  2. TS says:

    It’s nice for display, but I hate playing chess with pieces where it isn’t abundantly clear whether you’re looking at a knight or a bishop.

  3. Peter says:

    Very cool, but I agree with TS, and prefer playing with a Staunton set.