Voting Freedom First

The Brady Campaign thinks they can compete on the grassroots front with us. It’s so naive that I think it’s kinda cute. This morning they put out a call to action on Twitter and Facebook asking their followers (a good number of whom are actually pro-gun) to go vote in a Wall Street Journal poll on whether Starbucks should cave and insert themselves into this issue. (Don’t follow the link @bradybuzz sent, it’s wrong. Use this one to vote freedom first today.)

Then a writer for Consumerist decides to profile the situation and only quote anti-gun leaders before putting up a poorly-worded poll about the issue. They claim the company has changed their policy to allow guns, but that’s not true. No policy has changed. However, they have still added a poll to gauge support for the issue. Here’s another chance to vote freedom first by choosing either the 2nd or 4th option – supporting the policy or don’t care and will buy anyway.

So if this is the game that Paul wants to play, let’s show him how it’s played. It will be a nice little preview of November.

9 thoughts on “Voting Freedom First”

  1. 401 to 148 at 12:30 PM.

    Not quite 3 to 1 yet, but I am betting 5 to 1 by tomorrow!!!

  2. How many times do the anti-gunners have to get puched before they realize it hurts? LOL.

  3. option 2 and 4 combined…92%

    opition 1 ans 3 combined…8%

    This is like shooting dead fish in a barrel with a shotgun.

  4. Right now it’s 70% for the policy and about 22% for #4. I couldn’t find the other poll, the first one you mentioned.

  5. I had trouble finding the first one, too. Wait for the page to load completely, then it’s in a small frame underneath the first picture.

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