More Hearings on Gun Control

It looks like the anti-gun lawmakers are not through with the dog and pony show of gun control hearings. We already knew that Dianne Feinstein wasn’t happy with pro-gun speakers allowed on the main Judiciary Committee hearing witness list, and she demanded to have her own hearing.

Well, it looks like Dick Durbin is joining that club and having what will be the second of (at least) three hearings on gun control. There isn’t a posted witness list yet, but Ted Cruz is ranking member of the subcommittee, so he has the opportunity to have a little more fun with his large gun pictures and “evil” gun accessories.

9 thoughts on “More Hearings on Gun Control”

  1. If another one were to get as much press (or interest) as the first one it would be amazing. Amazing considering I hardly would have even know about the witnesses at the first hearing if it weren’t for all the pro-gun blogs and the NRA.

  2. Hearings are generally “grandstanding” by the majority party. Sandra Fluke is the most recent notable Democrat party operative to come from one. If anything, the pro-gun people who testified will become more entrenched for the cause.

  3. Ah, can’t handle the reality of the facts?
    Your arguments being weaker than a 60 lb high school nerd?
    What to do?

    Stack the deck with a bunch of like-minded gun-grabbing morons.
    That will really prove that your falsified ideas have merit…not.

  4. Sunday morning, This Week (ABC): Harry Reid waffles on gun control. “Just because the NRA resists it doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it.” Not comfortable!

    1. Reid must be hearing a lot from his organized crime buddies about how an armed populace doesn’t fall for protection rackets as easily.

  5. Subcommittee hearing usually has one panel. Maybe two, but then the first is usually a government witness (think some political appointee running some branch of one agency or another. Or someone like Bloomberg. But likely someone not generally high profile. If it was Eric Holder or Bloomberg it would be a full committee hearing). But I suspect more likely its a single panel with 3 witnesses. 2 who DiFi picks and 1 Cruz picks.

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