Monday Night Trap

Today was absolutely beautiful.  Not too hot, not a cloud in the sky; the kind of day you hate to be in the office.  But after work today I decided to head to the club to shoot some trap.  Scored 22, 17 and 21.  One thing I find about trap is that I tend to hit more birds when I’m in a squad that has a good rhythm.  When every person chambers the round, mounts, shouts for the bird, shoots, and it repeats at a regular pace.

I’ve noticed that nearly every person has a trademark method of calling for the bird.  Some guys shout a pretty conventional “pull”, others shout “hayup”, and I even think I’ve heard a “ooowop”.  Tonight the guy next to me tonight sounded off a “pull” like a drill sergeant.  Then you have the guys that barely mumble something that often fail to set off the sound activated clay bird thrower.  Those guys break the rhythm.

The difficulty for today is, every time I mounted my gun, I kept thinking about our friend the mall ninja.  I kept thinking about his mounting lesson “out back — out back”, and “Folks, don’t be within 10 feet of me with this, just don’t do it.”  Then I notice the guy next to me has a Remington, “this is a Remington, love it.”  Needless to say, I had to try very hard not to fall down giggling in on the trap range.  I definitely couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, and I hope people thought I was just having a good time.  I couldn’t get mall ninja out of my head, especially when the guy next to me has a Remington.  “Ready? Boom! Boom!’

God Bless.

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