The Media and Shooting

Interesting article in the San Bernardino Sun where they mention the lack of press attention Kim Rhode, despite the fact that she’s been setting all manner of Olympic records. It’s an interesting question to ponder whether it’s the media revulsion in regards to anything involving guns, or it’s just that not many people follow shooting. I tend to think it’s probably more the latter. The media has been willing to be a lot more fair to shooting as a sport these days, so it’s likely unfortunate the lack of media stories simply reflect the public’s lack of interest. Shooting really is a participatory sport. It’s fun to do. Even I find watching other people shoot is like watching paint dry. But that doesn’t seem to bother Kim:

“Ultimately, I don’t do it for anybody but myself and my country,” she said. “I’m happy with that and that’s all that matters.”

Spoken like a true shooter. Even if the media doesn’t care about shooting, we will still celebrate Kim’s accomplishment here. On a good day, when I’ve shot ATA trap at my club, I could do maybe 20 out of 25, doing 99 out of 100 in Olympic Skeet is something I can’t even fathom.

4 thoughts on “The Media and Shooting”

  1. Some people like watching paint dry, otherwise no one would ever watch golf :)

    Perhaps the reason there is little interest amonst the public is because the stories are not carried in the press. They simply don’t know it’s happening!

  2. Watching a shooting match is like watching the America’s Cup races. I’m rooting for our team, but I end up mowing the lawn.

  3. I’m not going to go hang out at your gun club and watch a round of trap, but I do find shooting at that level to be interesting to watch.

  4. Any celebration or positive use of guns is abhorrent to the Liberal Political Taste – unless its “outsider” art or “edgy” political commentary like the kitschy UN gun-knot statue that re-enforces the Liberal’s sense of smug, self-satisfaction well-being. The Liberal Media defines the standards of Political Correctness – and their Style-Guide acts to enforce the public expression/exposure of that, including *WHO* is (and is NOT) an appropriate spokesperson for whatever social-engineering axe they are grinding.
    Unless guns are shown used in a violent crime or in War they are to be suppressed and sublimated as “negative” energy/bad elements.

    Some non-Liberal Media take advantage of the non-exposure to do “shocking” things and show guns differently, but only for crass commercial purposes, so they can be lambasted for doing-so (‘Stars Earn Stripes’) since it’s a terrible, low-brow, and even public “celebration” of war and should be (completely without irony) “slammed” for pushing too many “moral and ethical boundaries” – as if Hollywood doesn’t already push “moral and ethical boundaries” every which-way, from teen-sex to violence in other and ever more disgusting directions that DON’T matter…?

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