Photo Sleuthing

Dave Hardy takes a look at the Skeetgate and wonders if Obama was even on the skeet range, comparing a picture of JFK on the range from years ago. It could have been taken next to the skeet range along side the road, but the ground there looks pretty open on satellite. The picture to me looks more like “Hey, I want to try out this shotgun,” rather than shooting skeet. I’m still kind of baffled why the White House even made this an issue, because it’s silly. No one expects Obama is a shooter. The photo is pretty obviously not shooting skeet, and he’s pretty obviously either not a shooter, or a real novice at it. And that would be fine, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was using a, “Hey, I’m one of you,” to pull the wool over people’s eyes so he can successfully divide and conquer.

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  1. If it were anyone else (well, any Republican) this whole thing would result in a multi-week bashfest in the media. Instead we get … nothing. I’d be happy with just some acknowledgement on their part that the photo isn’t what the WH says it is, but even that is asking too much these days.

  2. Ok, the USSS does let Barack shoot. Barack has been shooting handguns in Chicago (on top of the fed building they have a range) and rifles with Secret Service.

    Every now and then they slow pitch clays (cow pasture skeet) with one of those orange plastic clay throwers things.

    Barack is educated and has natural athletic skill so he is a decent shot, not very zealous shot, but decent. Guns are still like snakes to him but he understands the mechanics.

    Secret Service wanted him to know something of guns as in January of 2009 they loaded 4 helicopters worth of guns into his place in Kenwood. 4 helicopters–pistols, carbines, rifles, AT-4s, ammo–landed in Washington Park and they used the war wagons to haul it to Barack’s place next to the Syrian mobster. The floors must buckle under the weight of all the gear in there.

    1. Barack is educated and has natural athletic skill…

      Getting an affirmative action admission, sitting in a classroom and parroting the leftist drivel you know Ivy League professors want to hear doesn’t make someone educated in any meaningful way, and we’ve all seen him try to ride a bike and throw a ball. I’m kind of curious if you have any actual evidence to support either of those contentions.

  3. I like the approach I heard on Cam & Company earlier today (yesterday’s show): it just doesn’t matter. Maybe he really does shoot skeet all the time, maybe it’s photoshopped, maybe it’s on the range, maybe it’s not. It just doesn’t matter.

    The president shooting skeet or whatever he’s shooting has absolutely no bearing on the current battles to save our rights. It’s a distraction. The more time we spend worrying about that picture the less time we have to counter his misinformation campaign.

  4. I think he’s shooting trap with a skeet gun.
    The angle of the gun is wrong for skeet,
    but right for trap. There is a choke tube in rhe
    upper barrel only. In American trap, only one
    shot at a time is fired, and a full choke is
    used because all of the targets are “going away”.
    In skeet, some of the shots are doubles
    and open chokes are used. So you take an
    open-choked skeet gun, put a full choke tube
    in the upper barrel, and you have a trap gun.

  5. “so he can successfully divide and conquer” Sadly, this will fool many who claim to be on our side. Sometimes u just feel like giving up on people

  6. I’m inclined to believe the “anonymous source” at (I think) Fox: that it was the President’s Cup – a traditional event where the President joins the Presidential Marine guards skeet shooting – and that he was there for about five minutes, took a few shots, and couldn’t get away fast enough.

    It fits what we know, and the fact that the shotgun isn’t sized appropriately for him is probably because it was part of the existing Camp David collection kept for VIP use rather than one owned by or purchased specifically for Obama.

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