Who Needs Blackwater?

TD found a guy that’ll show you how to be an elite team fighter.  Back when I used to frequent the public ranges, every once in a while you’d see some guy show up all decked out in tactical gear.   I never saw anyone go so far as a mask and helmet, but ninja style hat, yes.  As would be expected, most of the time they couldn’t hit shit.  I’ve also seen, occassionaly, individuals who didn’t fully understand what a cold range means, and were adjusting something or another on their firearms while people were down range.

UPDATE: I guess I must live in a cave, or don’t hang out on forums enough, but I didn’t know the term Mall Ninja was actually named after a person.  My first inclination is to believe these are parodies… jokes on forum users if you will.  I just can’t believe anyone could be that delusional.

UPDATE: Apparently I do live in a cave, considering we’re all familiar with the person behind this Mall Ninja parody.

5 thoughts on “Who Needs Blackwater?”

  1. I got my range experience from military firing ranges, so I’ve learned to be very careful and realize that things can go pear shaped very easily if people are being unsafe. There are a number of public pistol ranges here in PA that I avoid after seeing how some of the regulars fire.

  2. Heh heh heh…I know why he was wearing that mask—I’d be embarrassed to have my identity known, too!!!
    Wonder why we did those ‘clear stoppage’ drills so much in the military? Damn, it WOULD be so much easier to throw the rifle away !!!
    And those damn slings! Things just get in the frickin’ way!!!

    But seriously, folks- at least this guy is conscientious enough to keep us all safe by keeping his weapons unloaded and his finger off the trigger at all times. Which makes him a LITTLE better than your average BATFE agent.

  3. O.M.M.F.G.H.F.S.(Insert string of suitably profane and possibly blasphemous incredulity here)
    I have just spent 2 hours reading through the links, and snorting beer through my nose at inconvenient moments (is there really a CONVENIENT moment for that?)
    I HAVE been living in a cave (close enough, anyway—no internet) for the past couple years, so no, I wasn’t aware of these guys! I’d blame it on too much range time, but my meager skills would never back that up.
    My first thought (well, an early one, anyway) is that these guys deserve some sort of federal arts grant, but obviously they are already well-funded and have WAY too much time on their hands! My next thought is, man, I’m glad these guys (who look like hi-skoolers) can still have fun—I’ve often said that I’d be jailed for doing the sh*t I did back then, in today’s prosecuted-for-having-fun world! It sorta warms the ashes of my heart, y’know? *snif*
    alright, I’ll stop now…apparently even modest amounts of alcohol in contact with nasal mucous membranes results in a certain level of intoxication…heh.

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