Fred for VP!

So, McCain as the nominee is pretty much a done deal at this point.  Now our best hope is that he nominates a reasonable Vice President.  Huckabee has already said he’d take the post if offered, which means he wants it.  Huckabee can win in the South, as he’s demonstrated, but if he picks Jimmy Mike, then there’s two names on the ticket, with neither one of them being “conservative” (whatever that means) in the eyes of Republican voters.

So why not send Huckabee back to Arkansas, and give Fred Thompson a call?  I’m certainly not the first to suggest it, but I think a McCain/Thompson ticket would be a strong one.  Let’s face it, McCain will be assuming office at the age of 72 if he’s sworn in as our next President, and you have to imagine that spending five and a half years being tortured by the North Vietnamese and having to live in your own filth probably isn’t very good for longevity.   McCain’s Vice Presidential pick is important.

Thompson would help McCain gain back some of that conservative street creds that he’s been lacking in recent years, and would definitely help sweeten an otherwise bitter medicine.  Fred Thompson is pretty clearly McCain’s best choice for Vice President.  Let’s hope it’s McCain/Thompson ’08.

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  1. That would… irritate me. But it would also quite possibly get me to pull the lever for McCain. Tancredo and Hunter would also work in his favor.

    I’m still in the boat for Ron Paul if he runs, but this is a horrible situation to be in. I dislike McCain. I fear Obillary. I want to not vote for McCain to get out of the “abusive relationship” the GOP is so enamored with. All they have to do is offer someone slightly better than the Democrats because they know we have nowhere to turn. I’d like to disabuse them of that notion.

    Except the f#

  2. (wow, it cut off my comment).

    I was saying “Except the F***ing Democrats keep putting up the worst they have to offer”.

  3. My brother posted this regarding my identical suggestion:

    Cross your fingers all you want, but I doubt that 1: McCain would ask him (unless he is so desperate to win over conservatives, which he isn’t) or that 2: Thompson would accept McCain’s request. When Fred dropped out he did not endorse anyone, saying, “Why would I, they are my opponents?” (which was awesome, btw). It would be nice if a conservative got the VP nomination, but then I’d have to wish for another human being’s death…and I’m far too moral a person to wish such a thing on someone. It would be very difficult, though.

    I tend to agree with him… but I’m still hoping. If McCain really cares about the conservative base (not just the religious base) he’ll choose Fred. I think he’s moderate enough to win some Dem votes, but he’ll need a conservative veep to get conservatives to even come out and vote.

  4. I think it’s likely. If I were in McCain’s shoes, it would be a no-brainer.

    Having Fred as a running mate would show conservatives that McCain is serious about reuniting the Republican party.

  5. It would make a vote for McCain a lot more palatable to people like me. Which, I fear, would be the exact reason McCain wouldn’t do it.

  6. That means we field two old white guys against an African American or a woman, or possibly both. Personally, I think we’d have a better shot if McCain went for someone like Condi :)

  7. +1 to that. I read an Interview when she talked about the Klan rolling into her town when she was a little girl. He father and the other men in town got their guns and the Peckerwoods backed down. She doesn’t want to take that away from us.

  8. Since McCain didn’t do so well in the South on super duper Tuesday, having a Southerner on the ticket would be helpful. I’m just not sure Fred would be interested.

  9. I am going to be stuck voting for McCain as it is, simply because I cannot vote for Obama/Hillary, and I understand the futility of a third-party vote (and the historical effects large-scale third-party votes have had on elections). However, a McCain/Thompson ticket would certainly make me a little happier…

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