One thought on “Making It Harder”

  1. Boy! Read the comments to the altrnet website – there are some invincibly ignorant hopliphobes out there. Poor “Prophit”, et alis, were beating their heads against a wall of thoughtless inanity trying valiantly, but vainly, to instruct the “uninformed” anti-constitutionalists in the simple truth of the 2nd Amendment. Sebastion, I do believe there is no way these unfortunates will ever be convinced of the rectitude of indivdual rights to carry firearms. I think the anti-constitution Party counts on these dupes to keep them and their treasonous policies in power. Let us hope their are enough thinking people on the other side who are able to change their minds once they are apprised of the truth. Otherwise, political victories for freedom and armed defense of liberty are going to be very rare! I don’t mean to be so judgmental but…just read their comments! Good night nurse, I never realized people could be so obtuse!!! It’s pathetic! Our Founding Fathers would never have allowed such ignorance in the voting booth! Never!! Now I understand their wisdom behind the original electoral college and State, not direct, election of Senators!

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