Sharp as a Marble Problems

Robb Allen tells me that the hard drive on his blog has crashed, and he might not be able to recover the backup.  I can’t even begin to express the depths of that suckitude.  I wish him luck on getting everything operational again.

UPDATE: Robb informs us that Sharp as a Marble is well and truly dead.  He expects to be back, however.  New bat time, new bat channel.

7 thoughts on “Sharp as a Marble Problems”

  1. Google Catch?
    Way back machine?
    isn’t there some kind of CSI stunt for recovering data straight off the disk?

    I’m going out to the woods to hang out with my friend Ted K.

  2. I feel his pain. My hard drive crashed the other night. Fortunately I had backed up my photos and some of my other stuff not 12hrs earlier. Unfortunately it’s been 4 months since I did a full backup, so there is a lot that is probably lost.

  3. I’ve got all my money files, photographs, and the very, very irreplaceable stuff backed up, luckily. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear I can get into the databases that held my blog right now.

    We’ll see. The anti-gun forces may have won this minor skirmish, but I’ll be back.

  4. Maybe there’s a mole in your household?

    One time I took someone’s advice and stuck a click-of-death-ing hard drive in the freezer… and it brought it back to life just long enough to recover my files. Strange but true.

  5. Well, that effing sucks. Here’s to hoping that you are able to recover at least some of the webpage.

    My external backup drive just bit the big one, so I am kind of on edge until my desktop gets here and I can inspect its condition… Might try that freezer trick, should all else fail, though. Thanks Gregory!

  6. “This morning (8/8/08)…”

    Look on the bright side – you still have a day to back everything up (wait, whaddya mean that’s a typo… oh, damn.)


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