Please, Lock Her Up

Earlier I analyized whether anti-gun celeb Britney Spears was prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm after she was committed for observation.  Britney apparently will be a prohibited person across the entire nation now, as she apparently is being committed involuntarily.

Please let it be so.  Normally I have issues with the State of California, but if they cloister Brit away in the loony bin where the media and public will pay scant attention to her, I will have at least one thing to like about California’s state government.

It’s Brady Scorecard Time

According to Ace, the Brady’s have their state score cards out for the year 2007. You can find the 2007 rankings here. I notice they are no longer using grades, but are instead scoring and ranking. I’m guessing probably because so many states scored so poorly, all those Ds and Fs were an embarrassment to their effectiveness.

Pennsylvania is listed 26 out of 100 points, and has a state ranking of 10. I am highly disappointed in this! Surely we can do worse. I am honestly embarrassed by this high score. Clearly the Brady’s aren’t evaluating concealed carry laws, or we’d surely have scored lower.

California ranks as number one, with New Jersey following up behind. Ahead of Pennsylvania are CT, MA, MD, NY, RI, HI, and IL. Delaware is ranked 11, and tied with Michigan. Congratulations to Oklahoma and Kentucky for coming in dead last. Now we all know where the bar is.

UPDATE: The Tennesseans are rubbing it in: “SEVEN points, bitches! w00t!” Yeah, yeah. I can carry in restaurants, parks, forests, and universities so :P

Gun Safety I Don’t Have a Problem With

Over in neighboring West Virginia, they want to require gun safety training as part of PE classes.  I wish I got to shoot in my PE classes.  We did do archery, but that was it.

One wonders whether other groups that claim to be for “gun safety” are willing to get behind a measure such as this?  My guess is no.

Hat tip to Of Arms and the Law.

The Mississippi Food Police

We’re all aware that some jurisdictions have passed bans against trans-fat, in an effort to force people to eat healthier food, whether you want to or not (for your own good, you see). Well, it would seem the Mississippi Representative W.T. Mayhall wants to take it one step farther and just ban restaurants from serving fat people.

I think it’s high time we start voting these food fascists out of office before we hear “Drop the donut sir! Drop the god***n donut now!”  I can only imagine that’s next.