Pennsylvania Treating Adults as Responsible

In a move that feels much like Brady Grading Time, where we shoot for a low grade, Advocates For Butting Their Noses Where They Don’t Belong, notes:

They let motorcyclists ride without helmets, haven’t cracked down on seat-belt use, and still allow distracting carloads of passengers to ride with inexperienced drivers.

They have, however, landed hard on drunken drivers.

All in all, Pennsylvania lawmakers have done a mediocre job of keeping motorists out of harm’s way, a national traffic-safety advocacy group said in a report released yesterday.

In a fourth annual state-by-state report card, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety placed Pennsylvania among 31 states that have advanced, but not nearly enough, in their highway safety laws.

New Jersey scored better, ranking among 16 states that have adopted most or all of the 15 safety measures deemed important by the coalition of insurance, consumer, health, safety and law enforcement organizations.

New Jersey scored better, so I’ll make that reason number 2823 I’d rather spend the rest of my life with my head in a pile of manure than live in that state. Keep up the good work Pennsylvania! Hopefully our new Democratic legislature will tell these ninnies to go to hell, but I won’t hold my breath.

So if I may borrow some style from from Kim Du Toit, if you happen to know anyone who works with the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, make sure to give them a swift kick in the nuts.