Delaware Needs Stronger Gun Laws

So say the Brady Campaign:

The Brady campaign says Delaware needs to do more when it comes to gun laws.


California scored the highest with 79 points showing, according to the Brady Campaign, the entire nation has a way to go on gun control.

Brady is no doubt hoping to exploit the election of Jack Markell, a staunch gun hating Democrat, to push Delaware into the anti-gun category.  Ruth Ann Minner, Delaware’s last Governor, was not hostile to gun rights.  But before Delawareans allow themselves to be shamed into being more like Californians, they should look closely at the numbers the Brady’s wont tell them.

  • Delaware has a murder rate of 4.2 per 100,000
  • California has a murder rate of 6.2 per 100,000

Maybe California should think about adopting Delaware’s gun laws.  Both states have a higher overall violent crime rate than Pennsylvania, which ranks lower on the Brady scale than Delaware or California, because it has the audacity to allow citizens to carry concealed firearms for self-defense pretty much everywhere they go with an easy to obtain license.

UPDATE: Looks like PA is 10 this year, and DE is 11.  Kind of odd.  Look at the details for both states.  Can you tell me which laws Pennsylvania has that drive its points higher than Delaware?  Do they give that many points for universal regulation of handgun transfers?

7 thoughts on “Delaware Needs Stronger Gun Laws”

  1. I stay out of California if I can even though I used to spend a lot of time in that state. Running across the Golden Gate Bridge used to be a great pleasure. But these days, even in the wealthy burbs around San Francisco, jogging on a trail gives one an uneasy feeling because of the slimey creeps one sees along the way, with their intimidating stares.

    Family circumstances take me to Lancaster County, PA and Pittsburgh quite a lot. I’ve never felt threatened in either of those places, even when I go off into unknown territory for a jog.

    I don’t jog with a weapon in California because it’s not legal. I could jog with a gun in PA , I even have a PA permit, but I usually feel OK without it.

    I stay out of Philadelphia because it’s not in Pennsylvania anymore. It seceded and became part of New Jersey.

  2. I thought Californians can actually get CCW permits so that they can jog with a weapon. I’ve also heard that some joggers in Northern California have been attacked by mountain lions on the nature trails, so it’s not just predators of the two-legged variety which pose a threat in that region.

    I’ll bet that a snub nosed .357 Magnum would drop a mountain lion easily, but then again, the shooter will probably get in trouble if the authorities find out about it, no matter what the circumstances were.

  3. In most of California’s rural counties, you can get a license to carry. I think you can carry openly in unincorporated areas of California too, but I’m not certain. The same is true in Delaware though. Their issuing standards aren’t that crazy. If you want a CDWL in Delaware, you can get one if you’re willing to jump through the many hoops, especially in Sussex and Kent counties.

  4. Our gun laws have not worked out very well. So we’ve decided to try bankruptcy instead.

    On open carry, in unincorporated areas with a population of less than 200,000 it’s permitted (by state law), as long a your not within 1000 feet of anything that might be a school, or there are county or municipal laws that forbid it. Or any snotty authorities around that don’t know or care what the law is.

  5. Nobody living in San Francisco can get a CCW permit unless they have political connections. Like if you are Diane Feinstein you can get a permit. I suppose if you live in a rural county you can get a permit and carry in San Francisco. But I’m not a resident of California (thank you, Lord!) and they do not issue to non-resident nor do they recognize any other state’s permits. So I cannot carry there. If you are a non-resident with a gun in your vehicle and they find it you are in trouble. How much I’m not sure, but enough so that I would not take a gun into California. That state is a lost cause and its coastal cities are dangerous.

  6. yeah DE needs more gun control like I need to eat less…….

    It it weren’t for a bunch of minority young males running around in Wilmington causing trouble our crime rate would be pretty damn low. Of course we can’t focus on those folks, since that’d be racist and bigoted. Better to pass more gun laws that will be ignored by that same problem group.

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