Gun Safety Experts

SayUncle does a good fisking of gun safety “experts” and tell us:

Sorry but to any gun owner out there, don’t listen to safety experts. Listen to gun experts if you want real advice that will save your life and the lives of others. Safety experts will typically tell you not to have a gun (see?), which is not conducive to safety but more political posturing. So, take it with a grain of salt. Anti-gun hacks like Matthew Miller are not safety experts. They are hacks. Take your gun advice from someone like Col. Cooper or Massad Ayoob. Or your local firearms instructor.

I keep my firearm in the safest location possible; on my hip.  When it’s not there, and I’m not home, it gets locked up, along with all the other firearms I’m not actively using at the time.   At night, it goes next to me on the bed stand.  Being that I live on my own, I’m not exactly worried about children.  My main concern is not giving a burglar a convenient weapon to use on me if I come home and surprise him.