The Mississippi Food Police

We’re all aware that some jurisdictions have passed bans against trans-fat, in an effort to force people to eat healthier food, whether you want to or not (for your own good, you see). Well, it would seem the Mississippi Representative W.T. Mayhall wants to take it one step farther and just ban restaurants from serving fat people.

I think it’s high time we start voting these food fascists out of office before we hear “Drop the donut sir! Drop the god***n donut now!”  I can only imagine that’s next.

13 thoughts on “The Mississippi Food Police”

  1. SWAT teams in Dunkin’ Donuts. Goodness gracious that’s a comedy skit if I’ve ever heard one. How about cute little signs with a rotund stick figure and a circle/line through it?

  2. Let me put on my Nostradamus hat for a minute and tell you what is going to happen.

    This bill won’t see the light of day the first time around. HillBama takes the Whitehouse and Uncle Sam takes over health care. Because of the increased expense on the “national health care system” this bill sails through the second time around.

    And we’ll all just sit here and take it. Oh, we’ll bitch about it, but outside of a few of us who aren’t too busy watching Gilligan Island reruns and understand what’s going on, it will just be just another violation of our rights that goes unnoticed by the masses.

  3. In yet another tragedy today, a young obese man entered a Dunkin’ Donuts shop with a military style AK-47 assault weapon, eating three dozen donuts, and gaining five pounds.

    We will never control this epidemic of gun calories until we get tough on guns. Over 100,000 people die of obesity every year. When will our legislators pass common sense gun control to stop this spread of gorging?

  4. Directly conflicts with the ADA. Obesity is a disability, this requires discrimination based on a disability.

  5. You can have my donut when you pry it from my cold dead chubby little fingers.

    Imagine this scenario…you order a pizza on the phone.

    Will you have to take a survey to determine if it’s worth the time of the delivery guy to actually deliver it. If no survey, then does the delivery driver do an on-site inspection of your fat rolls? What if it’s a family of four where 2 people are obese and 2 are skinny? Can he deliver the pizza then or does he have to stay and monitor the actual consumption by the skinnies only while holding the 2 fatties at bay with a machine gun?

    The implications of this are staggering. Americans may be too lazy to “throw the bums out” over assualts on our constitutional freedoms but I’m willing to bet that if the ass-bags try to mess with our double-pepperoni with extra cheese, there will be marching in the streets.

    I say bring it on, pass the law, and get people off their collective ass and see what their “representatives” are actually doing with their time and our money.

  6. Lergnom, holy shit.

    Back then I’m sure that sounded “crazy”, but today it almost reads as a real article rather than a fictional story.

  7. I am a sociologist who has researched fat stigma for years. This is a publicity stunt by Pharma. Notice the guy was a salesman for DuPont/Merk. How many health controversies have they been involved in. Health advice for Pharma is akin to a child protection agency from Tom Foley! Not that the public is misguided to be concerned. We are not just losing freedom to mindless bureaucrats who love big gov and control. The government itself has become an instrument for corporate crooks to bleed the public dry. Crusades are not in the interest of public health, but private coffers. The whole obesity “crisis” has been exaggerated as well. The American Obesity Association is sponsored by Pharma and diet companies. Do yourself a favor and check out what the media will not tell you. Google size acceptance or Paul Campos’ The obesity myth and get both sides of the story.

  8. As it is, I work in the pharma industry, and I can promise you that this isn’t some kind of conspiracy. You lefties are as bad as folks on the right. Why would the pharma industry want people to be thinner anyway? The more health problems people have, the more drugs they need!

    Think man! Think! Maybe the pharma companies are in cahoots with McDonalds and Little Debbie.

  9. No-no, man! The food companies made sugar and fat look bad so they could put artificial sweeteners in food. Those artificial sweeteners made people fat, so pharma companies made weightloss drugs. Then, activists decided that fatness was either a crime against poor people, or an inalienable right. So, now governments are ordering pharma and foodco’s to either stop serving food to fat people, or to stop objectifying them with weightloss ads!

    It’s a conspiracy!

    Government-run breadlines should solve this fat problem and count as solving a healthcare problem.

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