State Attorneys General Map

Via Dave Hardy, check out Concurring Opinions.  I’m happy to see that Pennsylvania signed on in favor of Heller.  What’s with Tennessee and Nevada?  Or North Carolina and Oregon for that matter?  You’d think those states would have signed on for Heller too.

It’s interesting that only Attorneys General from New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, and Hawaii were willing to sign on in favor of DC.

7 thoughts on “State Attorneys General Map”

  1. They’d be hypocrites not to. And if the DC ban is upheld I won’t be suprised if the same ban would be passed in those states.


  2. I was disappointed to see that the Arizona AG did not sign on with the Texas Brief. I had written him a letter asking him to sign on. It is possible that he was told not to participate by our Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano who is also openly supporting Obama for the Democrat nomination. Obama is VERY anti-gun.

  3. Oregon supports DC???

    Oohh I am so going to make some phone calls. This is not acceptable.

  4. AZ AG is elected and I too am very disappointed he didn’t sign on. I wrote him within days of the Texas filing and received nothing in return. Both McCain and Kyl have responded more quickly when I’ve written them.


  5. There’s Portland, and then there’s Oregon. Portland has money and liberal political power – the rest of Oregon is pretty much out of luck. Makes me crazy.

    I doubt that the Oregon AG would even think of signing on because the liberals in Portland would make sure he never held office in the state again.

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