Bloomberg Backing National Donut Day. I Kid You Not.

Earlier in the day, I left a comment over at Tam’s place, in regards to King Bloomberg’s latest anti-soda proclamation, that started like this:

The real irony is that you can still head out to Dunkin Donuts in New York and buy yourself a cream filled donut, which probably has just as many calories and sugar as a 20oz coke, and with a nice heaping helping of fat to boot.

It’s times like this that I start to believe that the universe is an elaborate simulation that was created specifically for my own amusement.

7 thoughts on “Bloomberg Backing National Donut Day. I Kid You Not.”

  1. The Kudlow Report on CNBC just raked Bloomburg across the coals showing how limiting sugar drinks to 16 ounces per order will cause people to buy two for 32 oz instead of just a 20-oz
    or 24, making the problem worse. Kudlow really hammered him!


  2. If your city has Department of Health and MENTAL HYGIENE you know you’re in trouble.

  3. A sign of an ill mind is the capacity to hold two ideas completely opposed to each other and not notice the inconsistency of liking both.

    Bloomie is a dangerous man, a classic statement of modern liberalism.

    1. One of the complaints I can recall about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six novel was that the antagonists, being successful business folk, wouldn’t be the kind of people who would buy into the eco-disasterism that drives their plot. Bloomberg, in many ways, is a proof by example that you can both be a successful businessman and a complete whack job

  4. I was living in Albany, New York at the time Bloomberg successfully banned trans-fats from restaurants. To this day, I remember the local radio host quoting an article, about Bloomberg’s staff celebrated with donuts. They actually quoted a staff member saying “These are so good, I can’t stop eating them!”.

    The insanity is fun to watch, but the fact that this is what these people are doing, makes me want to facepalm and then bash my head against the wall.

    But then, it isn’t all that different than calling for gun bans, but insisting on having armed bodyguards, is it?

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