Gun Chicks

A mother and daughter team in Ohio offer basic safety classes to women who want their concealed carry licenses. While they do teach men, they do something a little different and offer all women’s classes to help some get over the intimidation factor.

One of my proudest moments was after teaching a woman to shoot a handgun, taking a break to watch her learn how to shoot rifles ranging from high-end competition .22s to a beat up AK-47 and then hearing her brag about how many clays she busted on the shotgun range. But that wasn’t particularly noteworthy at this all female event. What was noteworthy was when she came up to ask me how to join the club, if there were more women involved other than just me and that this was a first step she was taking after losing two family members to tragedies involving firearms. (IIRC, one was suicide and the other an act of violence.) That was pretty amazing.

Back to the article, one of the women specifically cites getting involved, taking the class, and getting her carry permit as a direct response to Obama’s gun positions. Again, so much for the Brady argument that it’s all seasoned shooters buying up the guns.