Gun Safety in Schools Circa 1956

An excellent photo essay of pictures from Life Magazine of a gun safety program being taught by an Indiana game warden. Contrast that today where even making a finger gesture in the likeness of a gun is likely to get your kid on the wrong end of zero tolerance policies.

5 Responses to “Gun Safety in Schools Circa 1956”

  1. GMC70 says:

    Hmmm. And is there a correlation between removing gun safety from schools and . . . . oh, nevermind.

  2. Dannytheman says:

    That’s why when I say we are winning, I know we have a long way to go to completely turn the tide!
    I used to go hunting before school, shotgun in rear window of old pickup parked in the school lot, all day, then go hunting again after school.
    I would have gun safety training and shooting in every elementary school. I mostly blame single moms for this crisis!

  3. Shootin' Buddy says:

    It still happens in Indiana.

    One of the directors of the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association brings middle schoolers (6, 7,8th graders) to a range in Southern Indiana where a gun safety/shooting program is put on by IDNR.

    Indiana: full of gun nuts, but the media leaves us alone

  4. ecurb says:

    Where on earth are the girls? Cooking class?
    Ugh, the fifties.

  5. Sebastian says:

    I say ecurb wins the Internets.


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