California Slips Deeper Into the Gun Rights Abyss

Governor Schwarzenegger has signed the AB 1471, the micro stamping bill in California:

 To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am signing Assembly Bill 1471.

While I appreciate and understand that this technology is not without limitations, I am signing this bill to provide law enforcement with an additional tool for solving crimes committed with semi-automatic handguns in California.

Public safety is one of the most important roles of government and I encourage all stakeholders to work on improving this technology so that it may become an even more effective crime fighting tool.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Fucking turd.  If California gun owners are starting to wonder what the difference between Republicans and Democrats are on the gun issue in their state, it would seem to be whether they use lube as they are buggering you.

I think it’s high time manufacturers start fighting this stuff by refusing to sell their products to the State of California, to civilians and law enforcement alike.  That’s the only way I can see to make legislators in the Golden State to question this bull.   Having just spent the weekend with more than a few California gun owners, it’s particularly upsetting to see their shooting community screwed like this.

Fuck you Arnold!

13 thoughts on “California Slips Deeper Into the Gun Rights Abyss”

  1. Spineless, moronic, unedcuated prick.

    As if I did not need another reason to get the hell out of this lgoic-forsaken state at the earliest possible convenience.

  2. Spineless, moronic, unedcuated prick.

    As if I did not need another reason to get the hell out of this lgoic-forsaken state at the earliest possible convenience.

    Sometimes, parody writes itself.

  3. I concure with you one hundred percent Sabastian. Stop selling them ammo, guns, or anthing related. This goes for Kalifornia citizens and law enforcment. Complete embargo and boycott of the state.

  4. This abomination will be in Illinois next–there had been talk of a hard push for it this spring. It never happened, but Illinois hates to fall behind any other state in authoritarian idiocy. I can almost hear ’em already: “We’ll see your micro-stamping, and raise you ‘smart gun’ technology.”

    All hail Big Brother.

  5. The question of course remains – what will this do to the costs of firearms nationwide? Will the manufacturers succumb to the new requirement and defray the cost over all sales in general or will only Californian sold guns be affected? A right that only the elite can afford is not really a right at all.

  6. Remember a great many of the restrictive laws regarding purchase and/or possession of guns was backed financed and lobbied for by gun manufacturers to corner the market from “kitchen table” dealers and mail-order sales, etc.

    If greed and short-sightedness weren’t so rampant among them this would be a perfect opportunity for them to stand up as did Barrett. But, they won’t.

    Just think of the impact they could have if they refused to sell any guns in Ca. or to repair or honor any warranties on any gun not capable of microstamping if that gun was sold in Ca. No exception for law enforcement and no sales to federal law enforcement at all, as they are subject to transfer and could possibly end up in Ca.

    This would be a winning proposition for them in the long haul. Alas, they are not principled or intelligent enough to see that their continued cooperation will ultimately end with their demise also. So in the interest of short term satisfaction of greed they will sell their futures and our freedom for the immediate gratification.

    I would also point out that Arnold has some Austrian relatives that once supported this type of thing about 70 years ago. Apples never fall far from the tree, do they?

  7. Like I said to the NRA guys at the GBR, ever since “Gov.” (I was wrong, State Treasurer) Jesse * “Money is the mother’s milk of politics. * “If you can’t take their money, drink their liquor, fuck their women, and then come in here the next day and vote against them, you don’t belong here.” Unruh, California Democrats and Republicans are indistinguishable. They’re just there for the money and to suck at the tit of Sacramento. One thing is possible however – since it’s all about money, they can all be bought, sold, and traded around like the whores they are.

  8. Mondays suck as it is, and I had to go ahead and read this. Thanks for posting it – I took the liberty of linking it. I didn’t think he’d sign this, I really didn’t. I didn’t think ANYONE with a head on their shoulders would go with this.

  9. A ray of hope? From Of Arms and the Law:

    I was so busy on a case yesterday that I didn’t mention that the Calif. “microstamping” gun bill was signed into law. There’s already a lively debate at CalGuns on whether it will have any effect within our lifetimes because (1) the requirement doesn’t activate until microstamping is outside of patent protection and (2) a company has a patent on it that runs until around 2023.

    Ooh–the utter joy it would be to hear Helmke’s anguished bleating, were this abomination to be voided for almost twenty years, due to a technicality.

  10. Unfortunately, that ray of light you see Kurt, is not real. There are such things as royalties paid on patents. Those royalties can be added to the cost of production and shifted to the consumer.

    Once an agreement is reached on payment of royalties that clause will not apply.

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