Correlation Between Brady Rank and Crime

Howard Nemerov on the Brady Campaign state ranking and crime rates:

Further evidence of bias appears when correlating Brady scores with FBI violent crime rates. Only six states, plus D.C., scored over 50 (on a scale of 100). All but one of Brady’s “top 7” restrict law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed handguns. Brady’s “best” averaged a violent crime rate of 577.3 and a Brady score of 64.1. Brady’s nine “worst” all received a score under 6, and all have liberal concealed carry laws (also called “right-to-carry”). They averaged a violent crime rate of 398.1––45.0% lower than Brady’s “best” states––and a Brady score of 3.4.

Says a lot, I think. Howard does a lot of great analysis, and this is definitely in that category.

One Response to “Correlation Between Brady Rank and Crime”

  1. Sevesteen says:

    I’ve done my own analysis on Brady scores vs FBI violent crime rate by state. I calculated the statistical correlation, and found that it was well below statistical significance. Full disclosure, it was a simplistic analysis, with no correction for other factors that may be relevant like population or income.

    I was actually surprised, I would have expected a negative correlation.