Correlation Between Brady Rank and Crime

Howard Nemerov on the Brady Campaign state ranking and crime rates:

Further evidence of bias appears when correlating Brady scores with FBI violent crime rates. Only six states, plus D.C., scored over 50 (on a scale of 100). All but one of Brady’s “top 7” restrict law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed handguns. Brady’s “best” averaged a violent crime rate of 577.3 and a Brady score of 64.1. Brady’s nine “worst” all received a score under 6, and all have liberal concealed carry laws (also called “right-to-carry”). They averaged a violent crime rate of 398.1––45.0% lower than Brady’s “best” states––and a Brady score of 3.4.

Says a lot, I think. Howard does a lot of great analysis, and this is definitely in that category.

One thought on “Correlation Between Brady Rank and Crime”

  1. I’ve done my own analysis on Brady scores vs FBI violent crime rate by state. I calculated the statistical correlation, and found that it was well below statistical significance. Full disclosure, it was a simplistic analysis, with no correction for other factors that may be relevant like population or income.

    I was actually surprised, I would have expected a negative correlation.

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