Yep, It Really Does Work

High tension lines really can light up fluorescent lights.  The Barenaked Ladies even wrote a song about it:

A Hydro-field cuts through my neighborhood
Somehow that always just made me feel good
I can put a spare bulb in my hand
And light up my yard

Gun Production Up to 1993 Levels

Rightwingprof has the data up.  Looks pretty interesting.  Ahab says it’s because of the election.  Things were looking bleak for us in 1993.  I’m sure a lot of those gun purchases were intended to be buried in back yards in the period where politicians talking to Mr. and Mrs. America about turning them all in.

Strangely enough, I haven’t been in a black rifle buying mood.  I really should consider it, because the economy isn’t looking too good, and by the time the threat is really upon us, I might not have the money.  Of course, that’s gambling that they won’t make us turn them in this time.  The real danger of an Obama presidency is that he is naive about this issue, and about life in the country outside of Chicago.  Hillary has felt the sting of the gun vote before.  Obama has not.  To some degree, that makes Obama the bigger threat to the second amendment.

More MagPul SHOT Coverage

Looks like a three part series covering their Masada, The folding SMG, and their PDW:





Southern California Mass Shooting

Eight people shot in #1 Brady Ranked southern California.  Hard to say if this one was another loon, or just a gang conflict gone horribly awry.  Doesn’t really matter too much.  California’s strict gun laws failed to protect these people in either instance.