Gun Production Up to 1993 Levels

Rightwingprof has the data up.  Looks pretty interesting.  Ahab says it’s because of the election.  Things were looking bleak for us in 1993.  I’m sure a lot of those gun purchases were intended to be buried in back yards in the period where politicians talking to Mr. and Mrs. America about turning them all in.

Strangely enough, I haven’t been in a black rifle buying mood.  I really should consider it, because the economy isn’t looking too good, and by the time the threat is really upon us, I might not have the money.  Of course, that’s gambling that they won’t make us turn them in this time.  The real danger of an Obama presidency is that he is naive about this issue, and about life in the country outside of Chicago.  Hillary has felt the sting of the gun vote before.  Obama has not.  To some degree, that makes Obama the bigger threat to the second amendment.

8 Responses to “Gun Production Up to 1993 Levels”

  1. Jim W says:

    If anything, that makes Obama a bigger threat to the democrats. Here is a fantastic opportunity for them to repeat their mistakes and put conservatives back in power.

  2. Sebastian says:

    In some ways, yes. The hope, if Obama wins, is that the parts of the party that depend on not antagonizing gun owners will keep him in check.

  3. Sebastian says:

    I should note that many Democrats, including then Congressman Bill Richardson, tried to tell Clinton he was making a terrible mistake with the federal assault weapons ban. The Clintons fairly ruthlessly pushed their political agenda, against the better judgement of a lot of Democrats who knew antagonizing the gun vote was a great way to lose their seats.

    Obama doesn’t strike me as that kind of leader. I think if his party told him “It’s a bad idea Barry.” he’d probably listen. The risk is that the Democrats consolidate power even further in 2008, which is likely, and the leadership, which has never been pro-gun feels safe in betting their majority on a piece of gun control legislation. I doubt Obama would have any problem with this. The real damage Obama is going to do is on The Court, and using the bully pulpit to call for stronger gun laws.

  4. magus says:

    Of course, that’s gambling that they won’t make us turn them in this time.

    They can’t make me turn in any guns. The only thing they can do is collect them after I’m dead.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Whichever path you choose, you’re not going to be enjoying them :)

  6. Mike w. says:

    “Hillary has felt the sting of the gun vote before. Obama has not. To some degree, that makes Obama the bigger threat to the second amendment.”

    I couldn’t agree more. A naive, idealistic politician who believes he has a mandate from the voters for “change” is a scary thing.

    I know I’m part of that gun-buying increase. I bought 3 in 2007 and a 4th in 2008. (in fact, I should have the 4th by the end of the week.)

  7. Sigivald says:

    I haven’t really been in an EBR-buying mood, because I’ve pretty much got all the EBR I need.

    Though, admittedly, an underfolder AK is looking tempting as a way to blow my Federal Vote Buying Handout.

  8. gattsuru says:

    I’m not quite as worried about evil black rifles. The bans on them are irritating, but you can get the functionality out of a hunting rifle if you look hard. The magazines and decent handguns are on my list, as are a decent log of hollow-point ammunition. Magazines are a duh, and a good investment in case AWBv2 passes.

    We’ve gotten used to handguns being relatively safe on a national level, but I’m not sure the Brady Bunch can really afford to continue such; between the growing self-defense market, high profile of handguns, and simple political attractiveness right now.