Nutter Can Bite Me

It’s amazing that all the gun control people are willing to use the death of a police officer to score political points.  NRA members aren’t the ones shooting police officers, Mr. Mayor.

“I think that they should make an immediate statement acknowledging that there is no legitimate reason for anyone to have such a weapon and should join us in supporting — at least — this kind of reasonable legislation. They don’t have a leg to stand on, and they owe the Liczbinski family an apology for their obstructionist activity in this regard.”

Because there are legitimate reasons.  Why does what gun the scumbag used matter?  Any gun is dangerous in hands of people who would murder police officers.  The problem, Mr. Mayor, is that your city’s justice system isn’t getting these people off the streets.  One of these losers escaped from a halfway house.  Why was this guy in a halfway house and not the big house?  These are the kinds of questions Philadelphia needs to be asking itself.

Meanwhile, while Mayor Squidworth is busy taking pot shots at the NRA, the third suspect is still at large.  It seems to me that Nutter’s first priority as mayor ought to be bringing this guy to justice.  His public statements and rhetoric should be focused on that.  What does it say to criminals to hear a message of “Shoot a cop, I’ll blame the NRA!?”  The Mayor’s rhetoric needs to be “You shoot a cop, we’re going to catch you, we’re going to try you, and we’re going to put you on death row.”  Is that kind of tough talk too much to ask for from the Mayor?

4 Responses to “Nutter Can Bite Me”

  1. K-Romulus says:

    Wasn’t the last Philly officer who was killed in action shot with a double-barrelled shotgun?

    The shooter in this incident only fired 5 shots in the whole thing.. Plus, I don’t think the pistol grip made a difference. And if he had used a standard no-magazine SKS, the Nutty Nutter law would not have applied.

    Suppposedly the shooter was jailed in 1996 for four armed robberies plus carrying a gun w/o a license, and was supposed to serve 5-10yrs FOR EACH ROBBERY. Yet somehow he was robbing a bank 12 years later. 20 is more then 12, unless you use criminal-coddling math.

  2. Carl in Chicago says:

    The Mayor’s rhetoric needs to be “You shoot a cop, we’re going to catch you, we’re going to try you, and we’re going to put you on death row.” Is that kind of tough talk too much to ask for from the Mayor?

    Yes, it is. That is because Mayor Nutter, like our own Mayor Daley, knows that the parents, families, and friends of these perps won’t vote for them again if they get tough on criminals. It’s a sort of “I’m sympathetic of the criminals, and I vote” mentality.

  3. kaveman308 says:


    You’re still missing some time. I can’t speak for all states, but most have laws against prohibited people owning ammo as well. 5 years per bullet is the norm. So if this scum bag was illeagally caryinging a firearm loaded with 10 rounds, that alone is 10 years for the gun and 50 years for the ammo.

    12 is also less than 60.

  4. Linoge says:

    Yeah, mayors would do that, except that it is far, far easier to simply go after the law-abiding public, using laws and regulation that appeal to the emotions of all of the bleeding hearts out there, rather than expending the time, effort, and manpower to hopefully find the criminal.

    After all, law-abiding citizens will generally still abide by the laws, even when they start getting stupid. Criminals, however, have already shown a marked disregard for the rules of society, and will not even blink at the presence of another law. And, all the while, the mayor can say he was doing good things for crime, since he has already established that guns cause crime (regardless of the fallaciousness of such a claim), and getting guns off the streets should obviously lower crime rates.