Am I The Only One …

… who thought An American Carol kind of sucked?  I mean, the politics of it might be compatible with what I believe, but it just wasn’t funny.  Airplane was funny, because it was a great send-up of the airline disaster flicks.  An American Carol was a send-up of Michael Moore.  But Michael Moore is a parody of himself.  If you parody a parody, is it funny?  I didn’t think so.

UPDATE: I will say though, it was funnier than Canadian Bacon, which was also a movie that just wasn’t funny, even though there were some very funny actors in it.

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  1. I’ve so far only seen the first 10 minutes online, and it made me laugh. But I’m hoping it will be funny because Michael Moore doesn’t realize he’s a parody of himself; he think’s he’s a bringer of truth and common sense to the neanderthal country of American and leading us all to a better place.

    So far I’m looking forward to it. I hope I’m not as disappointed as you are, at the current price of attending movies.

  2. I have to agree that it wasn’t that great a movie, but I supported it on opening day as a political statement first, and as a movie second. My intention was that it do better than Bill Maher’s movie Religulous, which opened the same day. It did, coming in 7th and Maher’s pic 9th. So as a metaphor for the upcoming election, the Right won.

  3. Yeah, it wasn’t very good. I still liked it because I agree with it, and the ACLU lawyer scene was great, but not worth the time. I did it to vote with my dollars against Bill Maher.

  4. I largely agree. For the bulk of the movie I didn’t laugh at a lot of things the audience did laugh at. And given the low overall ticket sales its a safe bet that was a sympathetic audience, so it may have been the conservative answer to Jon Stewart’s liberal audience laughing at every political point. To be fair, humor with a moral to it is hard to pull off. I give them a B for effort.

    But I thought the opening scene, “Mohammed!,” and twenty guys pop up from behind rocks, etc. was hilarious. I wonder if that angle could have been a stand alone movie, no Michael Moore/Christmas Carol theme at all. The Airplane/Naked Gun of terrorist plots, with Mohammeds dropping like flies at every stage. Maybe they didn’t have enough material there, though.

  5. I thought the Catholic terrorist bit was pretty funny. But I just didn’t find myself laughing that much. There were a few other funny moments, but for the most part, if fell pretty flat for me.

    I agree about seeing it just to make a statement.

  6. The humor was overly broad, and the actors mostly phoned in their performances. The exception was Jon Voight as George Washington, who actually seemed to want to turn in a respectable performance. I haven’t read any blogger review of the movie that didn’t mention Voight and getting choked up over his brief scene.

  7. Yeah, I agree that the movie wasn’t good. It wasn’t really funny at all and the message presentation was too heavy-handed. It was also too “Yay Patriot Act!” for me. I can’t recommend it to anyone.

  8. Yeah, same for me. The ACLU does a lot of stupid shit, but they do a lot of good shit too. Preventing the government from turning the country into a frightened police state, where people can be searched at will is among the “good shit.”

  9. Gee, I thought it was hilarious! My cheeks were still sore an hour after the movie ended, because I was laughing so much. My wife and I were not only ones laughing in the theater. My review is here.

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