Yep, It Really Does Work

High tension lines really can light up fluorescent lights.  The Barenaked Ladies even wrote a song about it:

A Hydro-field cuts through my neighborhood
Somehow that always just made me feel good
I can put a spare bulb in my hand
And light up my yard

3 Responses to “Yep, It Really Does Work”

  1. Linoge says:

    God bless it – that song always gets stuck in my head when I hear it… Thanks! :P

  2. alex. says:

    Yeah, it works. Wouldn’t have believed it until I saw it myself. Neat trick, yes indeed.

  3. Mopar says:

    FYI: This also works with RF (radio).
    When we where younger we would key the transmitter on a mobile radio running 4-500 watts am/cw and then have “light saber” duels around the car with fluorescent tubes. In hindsight (and 25yrs older, ick!) it probably wasn’t the smartest thing we did back then, but at least it wasn’t the dumbest.