Carrying The Feds’ Water

This article has convinced me that the media is not any longer the guardians of freedom and liberty, shining the light on those in power, and asking difficult questions of those who wield power over us.  No, not anymore folks.  Maybe they never really were.   It’s pretty clear now they are part of the chorus who will tell you that freedom is no good for you, and that having reduced choices is really for the best.

Congress has banned light bulbs folks.  Seriously.  Freedom doesn’t seem to matter to anyone anymore.   Is there any serious lobby for consumer freedom out there today?   If so, they need our support.

11 thoughts on “Carrying The Feds’ Water”

  1. I suppose people could mail light bulbs and corn to their representatives and senators.

    EZ-Bake ovens won’t work without incandescent light bulbs.

    Does this ban affect flashlights and car headlamps?

  2. First they replaced traditional toilet bowls, something that worked well since their invention, with crappy low flush crappers.

    Now, in one fell swoop they are replacing two products that work well gasoline and lightbulbs. Good grief.

    We’re going to have to pay more for food, more for fuel, and watch fuel efficiency drop 30% while at the same time be subjected to harsh glaring lights that don’t work as advertised UNLESS Congress can somehow convince most American’s to change the energy use (and energy efficiency) patterns that have been drilled into their heads for generations (ie: turn the lights out when you leave the room) and are an environmental disaster (mercury- bet you didn’t know that when the enviros were screaming about mercury a couple of years ago, calling Bush the worst president in history because he wouldn’t eliminate every last drop of it, that the total mercury emissions of all US power plants combined is only about 750 gallons, yet we now are going to willingly put that amount on the market each year in a product that is famous for breaking)

  3. They can seriously go fuck themselves. The toilet was enough for me. I think I speak for big poopers everywhere: “Hands off my toilet!”

    Fortunately the house I bought has the old fashioned toilets that can flush whatever log you throw its way. In my old apt, with the nice EPA mandated models, I think rabbit turds could have clogged it.

    There’s an old saying “That dog ain’t gonna hunt.” I suggest “That turd ain’t gonna flush.” It’s more apt this day in age.

  4. Toilets are the main reason we’ve not made any effort to re-do our bathrooms.

    Its sort of ok in the two rooms with white toilets, but the upstairs bathrooms have a wonderful circa 1973 pea green toilet and sunflower yellow toilet.


    but at least they can handle my logs.

  5. I keep a box of plastic gloves around so I can unplug my toilet after I pile it high without a flush half way through doing my business.

  6. So, I now have to break out the old BDO chem suit and the M40A1 Protective Mask or call HAZMAT everytime I break one of the compact florecents, because of all of the toxic mercury. That is just great big daddy government.

  7. We have a lot of compact fluorescents because every-damn-thing in our house including heat runs on electricity – last year’s PG&E for Dec, Jan, Feb was $400, $480, $510… however when the CF lights break I throw them in the dumpster to set the mercury free. Now that we have a stupid, trumped-up fakery-science bullshit Lead Ammo ban inspired by Kennedy and signed by Arnold Musclehead in CA, we need something to help kill the damn Condors. An ammo-ban that’s coming to a state near you.

  8. Countertop,
    Take a driving trip to Canada and check out their plumbing and bathroom fixtures stores.
    Canadian commodes are not low flow.
    Buying one and bringing it back is smuggling, so you might want to write your Congress critters or State Legishacks instead.
    Not everyone in the US lives somewhere so dry that the water must be rationed.

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