Murtha’s Comment

Jack Murtha says Western Pennsylvanians are racist.  Wyatt lays out exactly where Lynn Swann’s locus of support was.  I would note, that Jack Murtha’s district is the 12th, which is mostly in the southwest corner of the state, which went Rendell.  Maybe people in your district are racist, Jack, but Western Pennsylvania pretty overhwelmingly went for Swann.

6 thoughts on “Murtha’s Comment”

  1. How does voting for Swann mean you’re not a racist? It’s not like he’s really black or anything.

    He’s not black, he’s a Republican!

  2. I think that I just heard a few minutes ago that Jack Murtha has already issued an apology for his insulting and ignorant comment about Western Pennsylvanians all supposedly being so racist.

  3. The 12th is like a big company town, and Murtha is the company. I’m sorry to say that I don’t think Bill Russell has a chance, but he’s run one hell of a campaign, and has raised more money than any other candidate for any office in Pennsylvania. And not all of that money is going to his run for congress. He had a Hot Dog Day a month or so back, with cookouts all over the district, and proceeds went to soldiers’ families.

    I wrote to ACORN and asked if they could register me in the 12th so I could vote for Bill, but I haven’t heard anything from them.

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