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The View from the Other Side

Sebastian highlighted John Richardson’s excellent post about the $1 million+ views from the gun controller’s homes.

I just have to add that I think there’s a part of that same way of thinking at work in this series of interviews with gun controllers that’s been making the rounds.

Notice that the question at 1:40 is simply whether a citizen should be able to defend him/herself at all with any weapon in case of attack, and the woman (who probably doesn’t have Mike Bloomberg’s wealth, but probably isn’t hurting in the wealthy Virginia suburbs) simply says, “No.” Later in the video, he uses an example of being in a bad neighborhood, and she simply asks, “Why? … Well, why are you in the bad neighborhood?”

This is someone who can afford to be out-of-touch. It doesn’t take being dirt poor to end up in bad neighborhoods, especially in that area. The apartment I lived in cost a pretty penny in rent each month, and I would go to bed with the sounds of “Stop! Police!” outside my window or walk outside of my building to be passed by running men fleeing authorities. I could simply ask my neighbor not to play music so loud that it knocked pictures off the wall and end up being threatened. It’s not something that most people seek out, it’s something that just happens around them. To her, the notion that a potential victim may not have the financial means to leave just means the person needs to accept the circumstances and take the assault rather than having a tool to fight back should an attack put his or her life at risk. As John so aptly put it:

When you live in a million dollar plus home in a plush neighborhood, your view of the world is just different. You don’t have crime at your doorstep and you really don’t have to worry about home invasions.

The woman I mention in the video is another great example of this kind of thinking. I get the feeling that with the new name and theme of Bloomberg’s group, we’ll see even more of this preaching from the comfort behind the gates of their communities.

How the Other Side Lives

John Richardson has put together and excellent article of how our opponents in the gun control movement live. I do have to hand it to Bloomberg for taste. His North Salem farmhouse’s quaint, understated quality is quite nice I think. For those of us who can barely afford one home, and certainly can’t afford hired armed security, and who struggle to be able to donate $50 dollars to the cause every now and then, let alone $50 million, no, we certainly won’t take this personally.

Epic Screw-Up by Bloomberg?

I’ll be the first to say that “Everytown for Gun Safety” is about the dumbest name I’ve heard for a new gun control group. What do you shorten it to? ETGS? EGS? Who doesn’t like EGS with their bacon in the morning? Though, to be fair to Bloomberg’s organizations, they’ve pretty much run the gauntlet with names. Americans for Gun Safety has been tried and failed. You wouldn’t want that dead fish stinking up the place, even if you could convince Third Way to part with it (not like they are currently doing anything with it). But there’s a lot of thought that goes into a name, which is why I’m surprised that it would seem that Bloomberg failed to secure all his social media space before announcing Everytown for Gun Safety to the world. Clearly that’s not a Bloomberg generated page.

UPDATE: Now there’s one for Pennsylvania too. Is there one for your state? It’s true that they’ll be able to boot these pages once their trademarks are in order, but I don’t see any reason not to make them work for it. Let’s make Bloomy burn through that 50 mil!

UPDATE: It’s made Buzzfeed.

UPDATE: More from John Richardson.

Another Bloomberg Funded Umbrella Group

Say what he will about his new group, “Everytown for Gun Safety“, I think this is a sign that he knows what he’s been doing isn’t working. Also notice that we’re back to the tired and shopworn term “Gun Saftey” instead of “Gun Control,” or “Illegal Guns.” I guess Bloomie feels like that ship is salvageable after all. But given the article featuring quotes from Bloomberg is so thick with ego and narcissism that you could mortar a brick wall with it …

“I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.” – Mike Bloomberg

… I’m not surprised he thinks he can salvage the S.S. Gun Safety from the bottom of McKelvey Trench. As much as I am worried that $50 million dollars is a hell of a lot of money for our side, and seat cushion money for Bloomberg, I also think Bloomberg is an excellent enough villain to our people (and to a lot of people honestly) that I don’t worry too much about this latest restructuring of his movement. If we stay engaged, and stay focused, we can beat him. I’d much rather have Mike Bloomberg as an opponent over Jim and Sarah Brady.

It’s also worth noting that this new umbrella group plans to drop gun and magazine bans and focus exclusively on ending private transfers. Perhaps they now are starting to understand that gun bans are out of reach for them, especially if they can’t even score minor victories. In truth, even ending private transfers is likely out of their reach given what they’ve managed to motivate with their latest campaign. In classic anti-gun fashion they have overreached and awoken the sleeping giant. It will be harder for them from here than it would have been if they had played their cards right to begin with.

But $50 million is nothing to sneeze at. Especially to Pennsylvanians, who probably don’t realize we are easily the next Colorado if we lose Corbett and the Republicans get scared enough, or lose control of the House or Senate. We are likely to face the brunt of that $50 million, which is nothing to get cocky about.

Guns & Social Media Debates

VSSA does a great job of taking apart a story that anti-gun groups are trying to push to promote the narrative that they are somehow going to win the battle over the Second Amendment on social media because they are supposedly being so innovative by going to SXSW and hosting sparsely attended panels on social media.

As VSSA points out, NRA hosts its own panel with volunteers doing different types of work, including how to effectively use social media, every year to a crowd many, many, many times the size of what is featured in the story.

Of course, for those who don’t travel all the way to Austin or Indy to attend such lectures from either group, we always have the numbers:

If you are looking for grassroots support, looking strictly at the numbers, Moms Demand Action has 153,000 followers on Facebook. Mayors Against Illegal Guns has 21,000. The NRA destroys both of them with 3.2 million followers on Facebook. Twitter numbers are lower for NRA but they are still about 10 times higher that the numbers for both Moms Demand Action and Demand Action (the only reference I could find on Twitter to MAIG).

Now, the anti-gun groups have stepped up their game on social media, and there’s no doubt about that. But, that doesn’t mean they are likely to be effectively using it to “beat” us politically any time soon.

Bradys Actually Getting Involved in Violence Prevention?

For years now, we’ve all known that the whole “Gun Violence Prevention” cloak worn by our opponents was mostly a sham to put some nice new wrapping on stale antigun policies that had become unpopular. I ran across this particular article about the Brady Center teaming with Rubenstein associates, to reach out to young people with a “Speak Up” campaign. I went through the whole site looking for the antigun propaganda masquerading as violence prevention but couldn’t find it. Joe noticed the same article and couldn’t find it either.

Not that I trust these folks for a minute. I suspect they are starting off with the soft sell in regards to the gun violence prevention movement, or, like Joe mentioned, possibly have fundraising concerns in mind with this partnership. But the fact that they are being forced to try new things is a good thing for us, because that means the old things aren’t working. The Brady organizations are now stuck playing second fiddle to MAIG and MDA. Maybe they figure they need to go beyond just hating on guns and gun owners to survive.

Sorry Bloomy, No Lemon Law for Attorneys General

You have to think that Mike Bloomberg, by about now, is starting to regret his purchasing decision when it comes to Kathleen Kane, given that she’s been caught lying again about her decision to end corruption investigations against Democratic politicians. Instapundit has more on the case. I’d say her political career deserves to be over. She ought to even have an uphill battle ahead of her for re-election. I might even start to get optimistic about the prospects of her being accountable by voters given that even the Inquirer has seemingly turned against her. Hopefully we can be rid of Bloomberg’s Attorney General even if we end up suffering the loss of Tom Corbett in 2014.

CSGV’s “National Conversation”

The mouth foamers over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are objecting to Andrew Branca apparently speaking anywhere. His sin? He believes that the rule of law prevailed in the Trayvon Martin case. For a coalition of supposedly peace-loving organizations, the folks who run CSGV sure are a bunch of hate filled, narrow minded goons who try their best on a daily basis to shut down the free exchange of ideas. If gun control is such a good idea, why are they so afraid of debating the issues on their merits in an open and free manner?

New York’s Softening Anti-Gun Views

Because I know that the NYC Mayor would hate to be considered a hypocrite who only serves his political allies when it comes to leniency, I’m quite confident that he will tell the NYPD to go easy the next time a tourist accidentally breaks one of the extreme gun laws. It would only be the right thing to do since he’s currently accusing India of having an “ulterior motive” as they enforce their strict gun/ammunition laws on a NYPD officer who was caught in illegal possession over there because he “forgot.”

And, I’m sure that Rep. Peter King who says that India’s desire to enforce their gun control laws is only a case that is “politically motivated” in order to extract retribution now understands the flaws in his gun control bill that would have given police the same incentives by banning anyone who is lawfully carrying from being pretty much on the same block as a government official.

Pennsylvania’s Candidates Speak Out on Gun Control

Based on their 100% scores from Ceasefire PA, it appears that Allyson Schwartz and Katie McGinty haven’t met a gun control proposal they didn’t like. The “lowest” scoring Democrat on the ballot Tom Wolf who agreed with the gun control group almost 80% of the time. This marks a stark change from 2010 when the “lowest” scoring Democrat was against about half of the group’s policies.

I downloaded the report and will do a more thorough post on the exact issues the gubernatorial candidates want to see become the law of the land in Pennsylvania shortly. One of the delays in getting up a post about the top of the ticket statewide races has been watching the fallout after petitions went in. There have already been changes to the primary ballot with people dropping out, so I wanted to see what the playing field really looked like. Based on the quick look of the summary, pro-gun Democrats in the central part of the state need to start raising their voices – loudly – and start voting their gun rights if they don’t want to line up to turn them in, a serious policy proposal from a suburban Democrat in this state. This isn’t a “Philly” issue anymore. The anti-gun extremism is clearly spreading in Pennsylvania.

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