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Everytown Falsified Claims, May Be Sued

Bob Owens over at Bearing Arms has what is probably the big story of the week. I would seem that some of the ads that Bloomberg’s outfit was trying to pass off as private sellers in their latest report prepping the ground for gun control in Vermont, were actually Federally Licensed Dealers. The FFLs are apparently quite unhappy with having their copyrights violated and their names smeared. It would be nice to see an FFL get a judgement against Everytown, and relieve them of some of Bloomberg’s money. I noticed Bob Ownes hailing the Fact Check organizations on Twitter this morning, so hopefully this report will give Everytown yet another black eye for being fast and loose with the facts.

Look Who’s Suddenly a Top Donor in Nevada Politics

From The Cason City Tribune, coming in at number three, coming right behind MGM Resorts:

Everytown for Gun Safety: This PAC spent $665,000 on state races this past cycle, according to the center. Most of the group’s money came from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and went to the Nevada State Democratic Party, with smaller donations to state Sen. Justin Jones, who sponsored a gun control measure last session, and state Sen. Debbie Smith.

The article goes on to say that most of the spending was paying signature collectors for the ballot measure. Ballot measures are a game where all that really matters is enough money. Very strong and organized grassroots energy is about the only thing that can defeat a ballot measure if you can’t outspend your opponent. With enough money, it was a fore-drawn conclusion he’d get enough signatures. You want to understand why?

And these same people vote too. How do you think they’d respond to a multi-million dollar ad campaign telling them Bloomberg’s ballot measure was good and wholesome?


Anti-Gun Group Confessions

The leader of a gun control group here in Pennsylvania told a Lancaster, PA outlet that they don’t consider actual prosecutions of crimes to be a relevant factor in pushing gun control laws.

In the more than five years the law’s been on the books, not one person has been prosecuted.

“It’s just to lord it over law-abiding people and threaten them with it — which is wrong and immoral,” said Jonathan Goldstein, the NRA’s attorney on the case.

Shira Goodman, executive director of CeaseFirePA, agreed that prosecutions aren’t the point of the law.

So, if enforcement isn’t the point of passing gun control laws, then what is the goal? Is it to score a “victory” to use in fundraising for more gun control group salaries? Or is the goal to create a patchwork of such complicated laws that no one wants to bother trying to become a lawful gun owner? These are questions the paper isn’t willing to follow up on, even though it should be a little odd that a gun control group spokesperson is indicating she doesn’t care if there’s any enforcement of the laws she claims are sooooo vital to public safety.

David Gregory Arrest Affidavit Released

Essentially, the DC Metropolitan Police wanted to arrest Gregory, but the DC prosecutor declined, arguing he was a nice guy and didn’t possess the magazine with any criminal intent. This surely would not be a defense for you or I should we find ourselves similarly situated to Gregory. He’s getting off because he has the best immunity in the world: celebrity. Like you and me only better, indeed.

Epic Pearl Clutching Over Toy Guns

Don’t ever let anyone tell you no one is out to take your toy guns. When I was a kid, my mother didn’t let me play with toy guns, and look where it got me?

I question the need for any toy gun. This sends a message to our kids that guns are OK, you can play with them and maybe later use the real thing. The entire “gun culture” needs questioning. We have enough educational, fun, constructive toys available for kids so that guns with their negative message are not needed in the toy box.”

How all the kids that grew up in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s managed to survive, when toy guns still looked pretty real, must be a great mystery. The world was safer when we didn’t have so much pearl clutching over things like this. Back when just about every kid was free range, you didn’t have all the school shootings, and didn’t have zero tolerance, zero brains policies. And somehow everyone managed to survive.

The Onion Comes to Life: Bloomberg Teaching About Guns!

It was difficult for me to believe this wasn’t a satire site at first: 

“The workshop, funded by Everytown for Gun Safety, will offer independent expert briefings and specialized reporting skills training to enhance the practical ability of journalists to report on guns and gun violence knowledgeably, ethically and effectively,” the website reported. “The workshop will cover such topics as state and federal gun laws; patterns of gun sales and gun trafficking; national trends and polling; education and prevention initiatives; social, economic and public health impacts; and special populations (e.g. children and youth, women and returning veterans.)”

So Bloomberg is going to teach journalists about how to report on guns. Actually, I think this is a smart move on their part. First, most journalists don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to this topic, so they won’t be able to tell they are being spoon fed bullshit. Second, it gives Bloomberg’s group a chance to tout that they have expertise on this issue. They don’t actually need expertise, but by passing themselves off as experts they gain a chance to become that journalists go-to source when they are looking for information on a topic. More importantly, it will connect journalists Bloomberg’s preferred experts.

NRA has never done anything like this, as far as I know. But the preconceptions that most journalists have about NRA would make this a difficult proposition for them. Like I said, Bloomberg may be a billionaire busybody who isn’t afraid to spend his money screwing over the little people, but he didn’t earn his fortune by being a fool. They’ve been very good at playing to their advantages.

Does an Anti-Gun PSA Show Video Evidence of Lawbreaking?

Lots of folks are picking up on this PSA video that will likely encourage children to break the law, stealing their parents guns in order to turn them into their teacher:

[UPDATE: Looks like the video was made private. Essentially pulled from public. I won’t criticize the move. It is the responsible thing to do. This never should have been made in the first place.]

I think it’s important not to miss a possible bigger issue here. At the end it says it was filmed in cooperation with North Oakland Community Charter School. Did they have the kid in possession of a real firearm in a real school in California? If so, how is the kid not liable under California Penal Code Section 626-626.11 “Carry Allowed on School Property With Permit/License.” There’s no filming exception, nor is there a good intentions exception, and that kid looks too young to have a license. Though, I suppose they can probably hope to get the David Gregory treatment. Wouldn’t the adults in this video also be guilty of furnishing the minor with a firearm and encouraging him to break the law? That’s a crime.

Anyone who knows California gun law well, and maybe knows some juvenile law, want to run a list of things the kid and adults could be charged with if this was a real gun in a real school? Why aren’t authorities investigating? Feel free to include federal violations as well, including the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act.

Senator Bob Casey Pushing Gun Control

Senator Bob Casey is pushing for more gun control, including gun bans, I might add, in this Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed. There aren’t many comments right now, so I would encourage everyone to go comment. Please let the Senator know what a flip-flopping liar he really is, and make sure the public knows. This guy ran in 2006 as a moderate, with an NRA A rating. He turned out to be a far-left liberal who supports gun bans. Bob Casey completely lied about being pro-gun. People don’t like politicians who are liars, so I think it’s important that everyone know what he is.

Like Suing Boeing for 9/11

There must have been an ambulance chaser that latched real strong onto the grieving families of the Sandy Hook massacre, and one that’s never heard of the PLCAA. I would expect this lawsuit to be quickly dismissed, but you can never really be too sure with judges, who often enjoy making up their own law.

Your Morning Hate

Amanda Gailey is either engaging in epic click baiting, or she’s full of hate and prejudice for people who love the Second Amendment. Given that she volunteers for Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, my bet is on the latter. It’s the typical common tactic of our opponents, to find random jerks on the Internet, and paint the whole movement. I’m shocked (shocked!) that if you look on the Internet, that you can find your share of jerks and losers. This is true of any issue.

I’ll be honest, my enthusiasm for blogging isn’t what it was even a year ago. A big part of the reason is that years ago, we felt like we were closer to the tip of the spear, taking on the established media. For a while people took us seriously. We were taking on people who had credibility as journalists, and were beating them.

These days, the entire Internet feels like a vast wasteland. People like Amanda Gailey don’t have credibility. There’s no pedigree, no credentials there. Amanda Gailey is just an ignorant hater with access to an editor who is happy to have the click bait. We’re no longer taking on any establishment. We’re reduced to arguing with crude children.

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