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Senator Bob Casey Pushing Gun Control

Senator Bob Casey is pushing for more gun control, including gun bans, I might add, in this Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed. There aren’t many comments right now, so I would encourage everyone to go comment. Please let the Senator know what a flip-flopping liar he really is, and make sure the public knows. This guy ran in 2006 as a moderate, with an NRA A rating. He turned out to be a far-left liberal who supports gun bans. Bob Casey completely lied about being pro-gun. People don’t like politicians who are liars, so I think it’s important that everyone know what he is.

Like Suing Boeing for 9/11

There must have been an ambulance chaser that latched real strong onto the grieving families of the Sandy Hook massacre, and one that’s never heard of the PLCAA. I would expect this lawsuit to be quickly dismissed, but you can never really be too sure with judges, who often enjoy making up their own law.

Your Morning Hate

Amanda Gailey is either engaging in epic click baiting, or she’s full of hate and prejudice for people who love the Second Amendment. Given that she volunteers for Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, my bet is on the latter. It’s the typical common tactic of our opponents, to find random jerks on the Internet, and paint the whole movement. I’m shocked (shocked!) that if you look on the Internet, that you can find your share of jerks and losers. This is true of any issue.

I’ll be honest, my enthusiasm for blogging isn’t what it was even a year ago. A big part of the reason is that years ago, we felt like we were closer to the tip of the spear, taking on the established media. For a while people took us seriously. We were taking on people who had credibility as journalists, and were beating them.

These days, the entire Internet feels like a vast wasteland. People like Amanda Gailey don’t have credibility. There’s no pedigree, no credentials there. Amanda Gailey is just an ignorant hater with access to an editor who is happy to have the click bait. We’re no longer taking on any establishment. We’re reduced to arguing with crude children.

Murthy May Get a Vote

Politico is reporting that anti-gun Surgeon General nominee Vivek Murthy may end up getting a confirmation vote in the lame duck session. I can believe there’s real pressure for it, given how many articles I’ve seen about Murthy in the media after a long run of silence about the nominee. The article explains that Senators Warner (D-VA) and Tester (D-MT) seem willing to vote for Murthy. I’ll be honest, ever since Jon Tester told everyone in 2008 that Obama wasn’t going to be any problem on guns, I haven’t trusted him on the issue. This is only further evidence that he’s not one to trust. His party certainly can’t be trusted on guns any longer.

Shannon Watts’ Bark Worse than her Bite

Bearing Arms picks up a piece from Breitbart which notes Kroger’s profits being up 21% over the same period last year. This is important, since it shows that no harm comes from telling busybodies like Shannon Watts and Mike Bloomberg to buzz off. Everytown and MDA has no real grassroots behind them by which to affect even a modestly successful boycott. Most companies have not caved to Everytown/MDA because they fear their grassroots backlash, they have caved because they fear what Mike Bloomberg’s money could do to their reputations in the media. Bob Owens notes:


Most lower-level Moms Demand protests draw less than a dozen activists, and these don’t appear to have much local interest, as the same handful of supporters tromps from city to city, forcing people to logically wonder if this “grassroots campaign” is nothing more or less than a small number of paid staffers in each state.

All that organization has going for it is Bloomberg’s money. Without it, it would be as impotent as every other gun control group that has come before them.

Kane’s Decision Not Going Over Well?

I’m rather surprised to see one of the local bird cage liners, hardly a friend to our issue, coming out against Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s refusal to defend a law she doesn’t like:

Our attorney general should not be deciding which laws she will or will not enforce. We should expect her to uphold all of the laws on the books, not just the ones she deems worthy.

I agree, but I do think if an official has a good-faith belief that a law is plainly unconstitutional, they have a duty to not defend or enforce it. Kane did not make her argument from a standpoint of constitutionality, however: she just doesn’t like the law. Probably more accurate is that Bloomberg put a lot of money behind her, and she needs to ensure he gets a good return on his investment.

Huffpo: Bloomberg Winning

Remember, they don’t hate money in politics, they just hate your money in politics. The number of lefties who cheer on Bloomberg and Watts four outspending NRA this election cycle astounds me. This is only one example; I’ve seen dozens of stories like this. Of course, the article starts out attempting to play down NRA’s real membership, but the fact is that the “gun lobby” raises money in small increments by begging from millions of its members. Bloomberg and Watts outspent NRA by lining up a few rich billionaires. This is everything the left claims is wrong in politics.

I feel bad because my giving is way down because making ends meet is getting tougher. The left claims they are all about looking after people like me. They lie.

Everytown Guide to Ruining Your Holidays

I’m really quite stunned at how Bloomberg’s money can buy at least some traction in elections when his groups encourage people to engage in behavior that makes them the family member whose invitation you hope gets lost in the mail.

Bloomberg and the moms are once again asking people to bring their Thanksgiving meal to a grinding halt by starting up a fight gun control and politics.

I’m almost afraid to give them any ideas, but I’m pretty sure their Christmas promotion will be instructions on how to tell your gun owning family members that Jesus hates them and Santa will burn all of their children’s toys. For the wedding season next year, they are probably working hard on a guide on how to insert politics into the bridal party toasts. Think your family reunion events are safe and limited to debates on how close that horseshoe really landed? Think again. Look for the Everytown Guide to Using Family History Stories to Lecture Current Descendants on Contentious Topics coming out this spring.

Even though we’re labeled the gun nuts, our holidays are filled with conversations about family, friends, and maybe that really good baked cranberry recipe I got from Michael Bane years ago (that my mom still makes every holiday).

Fastest Zero to Capitulation Yet

No sooner do I see an article that Shannon Watts is attacking Jay Leno for speaking at SHOT, than Leno cancels the talk and starts his apology campaign. Like I’ve said before, Watts may be a radical. She may be the spiritual descendent of Carrie Nation, but she’s not a joke. In any political issue, money talks, and Watts has Bloomberg’s money behind her. Her grassroots network may be small, but she’s got Bloomberg’s cash to build it, and she’s finding battles where she can show people gun control can win.

A few years ago, the enemy was demoralized. Seriously demoralized. That’s important to win any struggle, whether political, or political by other means. My fear is gun owners these days seems pretty complacent. They seem to think that because we beat everything at the federal level back after Sandy Hook that means it’s all over. It’s not. It was just beginning.

The Horror: Eddie Eagle

These days, I’ve kind of felt like most anti-gun editorials are really more of a dog bites man story. But every once in a while, you’ll find one that dials up the stupid to 11, and you just can’t help but mock it. This is one of those stories:

As I flipped through the pages of this children’s activity book, my innocent curiosity quickly shifted to annoyance and then disgust. This was a book written for preschoolers to first graders with the intent of teaching kids not to play with the guns that they find through the hero-like advice of a large talking bird.

Yes, the abject horror of kids learning not to play with guns. What will that evil National Rifle Association think up next!? Don’t they know that a lot of kids are killed by guns every year? And that poor Trayvon, “with Skittles in one hand and iced tea in the other, was shot to death in 2012 via Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.” To borrow from Miguel a bit:

“We have to do something about all these kids who die from gun accidents.”

“Okay, we’ll create a program that teaches young children that guns are dangerous, and not to play with them.”

“That’s awful. You can’t do that. Think of all the kids that die from guns!”

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