Virginia and Pennsylvania Establish Reciprocity

This is good news for both PA LTC and VA CHL holders. Reciprocity with Virginia has been a long time coming. I’ve heard various reasons on why it hasn’t happened sooner, from our lack of training requirement, to Pennsylvania having no easy method for license verification. I’m glad to see if finally happening though.

More PA Preemption Issues

From Gun Law News, we hear that the NRA warns us that the York, PA City Council is considering banning concealed carry on municipal property (sorry about the registration requirement, but here’s the gist):

“It’s important to pass this ordinance,” said Police Chief Don Klug. “First of all, there’s the issue of the safety of citizens using local facilities. And there’s the issue of the safety of city employees, who are sometimes not confronted by people who are not pleased with certain situations. There can be confrontations. It seems clear that the city facilities are not a place for firearms. They’re excluded from schools, and the park system is a natural extension of that. I encourage you to pass the resolution.”

Hey, Chief Klug, if you can give me any evidence that a PA LTC holders has ever been involved in the type of incident you mention, I’ll shut the hell up, but I suspect that you don’t have any. I think it’s likely that you just don’t like the idea of anyone having guns but you and your fellow police officers. I expect nonsense like this to come out of Philadelphia, but I thought officials in York were smarter than that. Apparently not. But before you get too excited about this pet project you have going here, might I point you to the PA Consolidate Statutes § 6120 (a):

General rule.–No county, municipality or township may in any manner regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms, ammunition or ammunition components when carried or transported for purposes not prohibited by the laws of this Commonwealth.

So go ahead and pass your little ordnance, and if I ever have an occasion to visit municipal property in York, I’ll gladly ignore it, since the ordinance is void according to the law.

Get Me Some Freon!

Today was a fantastic day here in Pennsylvania. It hit 72F, and it’s January. I drove up to Lehigh County and spent several hours at the PGC range shooting the AR-15 and the PSL. I wasn’t shooting particularly great, but it was great to be outside in January in short sleeves sunning it up at the range. If this is what global warming is like, get me some freon!

That Uneasy Feeling

I had to pick up a friend at the airport tonight. The flight was late, so I went up to where the secure area empties out into the rest of the airport. There were the usual TSA critters hanging about. I always get a little uneasy walking about armed in close proximity to borders that if I were step over, would instantly make me a criminal. Does anyone else who carries get that uneasy feeling sometimes that the only thing separating you from getting a close up view of the tile floor is a thin layer of cotton? It’s not illegal to carry outside the sterile area in an airport in Pennsylvania with the proper licenses, but I’m not sure that matters a whole lot to the Philadelphia Police.

Random Conversations With an Exotic Dancer

I noticed a few blogs out there do random conversations. Every once in a while I’ll make it a feature here too. One of my friends from college ended up marrying an exotic dancer, so today’s random conversation will be with Christina the Exotic Dancer:

Christina: i have a moral dilema
Christina: whether or not to narc
Christina: although i pretty much already did so
Sebastian: narc on who for what?
Christina: well, this week i tried out a new club
Christina: and i REALLY like it and am making the best money i’ve made here so far
Christina: the manager is really nice and went out of his way to be helpful my first day
Christina: he also mentioned that he was trying to clean the place up a bit and he suspected there were there were girls there recruiting other girls to escort and if i was asked to do anything to feel free to let him know
Christina: it turns out it’s not any of the girls, but one of the bouncers, who tried to recruit me the second day
Christina: i have no problem with prostitution, which i think should be legal, and even with prostitutes recruiting clients for incall
Christina: but when customers are being taken out of the club while dancers are just signed out on a “break” that takes money away from the club, and therefore from me and other girls who don’t do that
Christina: and since i want to stay at this club i decided to narc
Christina: which my husband thinks is a bad idea because he thinks the bouncer/pimp will find out and bust a cap in my ass
Sebastian: He might
Christina: probably that is most sensible, but my moral conscience gets in the way (as does my irritation with people messing with my money)
Sebastian: Just remember, if you’re being shot at to run.
Sebastian: It’s harder to hit a moving target
Christina: thanks, i’ll keep that helpful tip in mind