Virginia and Pennsylvania Establish Reciprocity

This is good news for both PA LTC and VA CHL holders. Reciprocity with Virginia has been a long time coming. I’ve heard various reasons on why it hasn’t happened sooner, from our lack of training requirement, to Pennsylvania having no easy method for license verification. I’m glad to see if finally happening though.

3 thoughts on “Virginia and Pennsylvania Establish Reciprocity”

  1. Guess that means I can pack heat next time I go to Cabela’s. Not that I have been to Cabela’s in over a year, but it’s nice to know that I can if I want to go again. Since the Bass Pro south of Baltimore has a Nine West Outlet in the mall across the street, they always had a leg up on Cabela’s. But being able to carry a gun may possibly outweigh a good deal on great shoes. Maybe. It could be a toss up.

  2. Wow… the nearest Cabela’s to you is the one in Hamburg? That’s a hike even for me. For packing, that state between Pennsylvania and Virginia continues to be an annoyance.

  3. Yup, it is the closest. That drive is why it’s been a year since I’ve been there. However, when I was seeing someone from Northern Jersey, Harrisburg/Hershey/Hamburg region was a nice middle ground for a day trip to see each other.

    Though I heard a rumor from some real estate folks here that Cabela’s just bought a plot of land out near Winchester, VA very recently. I haven’t seen or heard anything to back it up, but they’ve got enough planned openings on their plate for now.

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