NRA Wins on Training Requirement in Wisconsin

The 4-hour minimum training required by the DOJ has been tossed. You still must obtain training, but there’s no longer any minimum time requirement, and a basic NRA pistol course would qualify. I believe this makes the training requirement for Wisconsin to be very similar to Florida.

3 thoughts on “NRA Wins on Training Requirement in Wisconsin”

  1. Great news.

    Next step is to get the WI requirement for NICS check from a reciprocal state agency before your out-of-state permit is recognized.

    WI does not recognize FL permits, for instance, because FL does not run a NICS check for permits. They cannot – the permits are not issued by a law-enforcement agency and NICS won’t let the FL Dept. of Agriculture do NICS checks.

    Someone on the other side did a nice job in getting that added to the bill. I doubt even the sponsors knew about that.

  2. Alaska is in the same boat as Florida.

    The WI text says a NIC or the equivalent… which would be a NIC, since there is no equivalent. The justification is the standard fingerprint-based FBI criminal background check doesn’t include all potentially disabling information.

    I called WI DOJ about it and the lady there said to send a letter and see what happens. I just sent a faxed letter with AK’s requirements (which are steeper than Wisconsin’s qualification and class time wise) and the front pages of my permit background checks showing what they cover.

    So, I guess we’ll see what happens; but the WI Legislature, if they want to truly have top shelf reciprocity yet still have standards, needs to accept any other state’s Federal background checks and drop the NIC requirement.

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