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Weekly Gun News – Edition 48

I’ve been too busy to do much posting. I’d feel bad about that if there was much gun news to post about. Things will stay very busy until mid October, when they should return to a more even keel. But as always, there always a little bit of gun news:

Alan Gura: “The Court after Scalia: The next “conservative” Justice may not save the Second Amendment.” I don’t know, George H.W. Bush was pretty culturally and temperamentally pro-gun control, but he still gave us Thomas, and his son gave us Alito and Roberts, without which Heller and McDonald would never have won. Though I suspect Roberts’ minimalism is a big part of our problem trying to bring greater security for the Second Amendment.

Speaking of SCOTUS: “Joe Biden to Lead New Push for Senate Vote on Merrick Garland.

Sex Offender laws violate Ex Post Facto Clause, says 6th circuit. Relation to guns? Lautenberg by all rights should have been declared Ex Post Facto as applied to past convictions, but that was argued pre-Heller. A court willing to enforce the Second Amendment would take another look at that ruling.

In depth article about a guy who open carries a rifle to Wal-Mart. Fair coverage?

How to smash the gun lobby.” Well, first you need to understand the “gun lobby,” which you clearly don’t, so good luck with that.

Schumer: “Progressive Supreme Court #1 Goal.” Schumer if probably the shrewdest politician in public office today. He’s also probably the number one enemy of the Second Amendment in public office today.

Yeah, I haven’t noticed George Takai’s new gun control group dominating the scene either. Actually, I haven’t even noticed them.

NYT: “Gun Control Groups Divide Their Loyalties in Senate Race.” CeaseFirePA is funded by Bloomberg, so if you ask me, they are trying to create a “Head, I win. Tails, you lose.” type of situation by doing competing endorsements. For what it’s worth, I’m becoming more convinced by the anti-Toomey folks that he needs to go down.

Yes, let the hate flow through you. Your hate only makes us more powerful.

They are really intent on building that “West Coast Wall,” trying to get all the west coast states to ban semi-automatic rifles that look scary.

Eugene Volokh: “Can some people who have finished their felony sentences recover their Second Amendment rights?” Like I said before, we’re doing better in this area than I thought we would.

Off Topic:

Age discrimination in my industry is real, and I’m getting to the age where it’ll start becoming more of a problem. I’ve tried very hard to keep my skills up, and it’s letting them fall behind that’s a big driver. But the struggle is real, especially if you live in the Valley.

This: “One of the things that Trump’s candidacy has done is shown that the political consultant/advertising business is largely a racket, and I suspect that this accounts for much of the visceral hostility that so many people in that business display toward him.” I’m not a fan of Trump, but one silver lining if he wins is that the consultants will be exposed for the con men they are. Maybe it takes a con man to spot another con man.

Hoover Institute: “An Era of Tenuous Majorities.”

Yes, this drives me absolutely batty, and I see it on the left and the right pretty equally.

Weekly Gun News – Edition 47

No, I’m not dead yet. Just busy, and to be honest, I needed a long holiday before I start back with work, doctors, and more doctors. Saw the eye doctor today about the persisting scintillating scotoma in my field of vision. He couldn’t find anything obviously wrong, but there’s a few more tests he wants to do, so back in two weeks for those. BP is down to almost normal, but stubbornly doesn’t want to drop to normal even with the doc having boosted the doses of my meds from light to more typical. The slog continues. My dad says I need to get used to the suck, since it doesn’t get better with age. But back to the news, which probably doesn’t help any of this:

Demand high in Pennsylvania for concealed carry permits. Now if only those folks would all vote the issue!

Eugene Volokh: “Can some people who have finished their felony sentences recover their Second Amendment rights?” We’ve done better on this front with the courts than I thought we would.

Massachusetts AG Healy is continuing her power trip, going after Remington and Glock for selling “unsafe” products. Note: Glocks are not available for sale to civilians in Massachusetts, only police officers. If I were Glock, my response would be to withdraw from the LEO market in Massachusetts entirely and give Healy the long finger from Georgia.

PJ Media’s Liz Sheld: “How Can You Love Guns Knowing They Kill So Many People?” I’ve never killed anyone, nor do I have plans to. I’m not morally on the hook for what other people do. You don’t see people asking Chefs about loving their knives, or baseball players about their favorite bats. Both can be weapons. People only ask about guns because they don’t like the kinds of people that like guns.

Three cheers for vandalism from the comments at Raw Story. A lot of these kinds of folks would be perfectly willing to put us all in camps. Meanwhile, our people don’t seem to have any arguments short of cheap insults. We used to be better than this, but I think perhaps all the sensible people have fled the fever swamps that internet comment sections have largely become.

State ballot measures in 2016 reflect shift to the left.” They talk about Bloomberg spending big. Ballot fights are a rich person’s game, and the left has all the rich ones. The Kochs on the “right” (they are really more libertarian than right) seem to mostly enjoy flushing their money down the think tank toilet rather than spending it on things that matter.

Fighting Bloomberg’s ballot measures as best we can. We have to convince Bloomberg that there are limits to this ballot strategy. I think we need to cut his margin in at least one state, and beat him outright in at least one state. Otherwise our options start looking like a choice of bad, terrible and disastrous options, and we don’t want to end up there.

Roll Call: “PA Senate Race Could Come Down to Guns.” A lot of people I respect on the issue believe Toomey has to lose if we’re going to prevent the GOP from seeking refuge under Bloomberg’s wing. I’m not sure that they are wrong. When I say I’m conflicted on the issue, I really am conflicted.

Dave Hardy looks at the effect of the Obama’s court appointments. He’s been able to sharply shift the federal courts to the left because the Republicans were stupid and didn’t play dirty with them Dems when they were blocking all of Bush’s nominees, and then went easy on Obama. The Dems would have never made that mistake. A big reason we lose is because the Republican politicians are, quite bluntly, not very smart people. The Dems wins because they are better at playing The Game, both strategically and tactically. GOP pols never would have lined up to commit ritual suicide on something like Obamacare, yet a large number of Dems did. They sacrificed their political careers for the sake of the party’s long term goals.

Georgia and South Carolina are getting reciprocity. Why doesn’t South Carolina just sign a better reciprocity bill altogether? They have one of the worst statutes in the country.

I keep thinking the gun bubble will eventually burst, but it just keeps going up.

Bloomberg is dumping a lot of money into the effort to prevent Missouri from going Constitutional Carry. What’s is he scared of? Surely this will provide his group with plenty of evidence of how blood will run in the streets to use in other states, right?

I’d hope a science writer would know that 4.25 light years is not “just outside our solar system,” anymore than Jupiter is “just outside of Manhattan.” but it’s good to know there might be other life sustaining planets out there, because the life on this planet is getting to be damed tough to live with.

Amazon is piloting a 30 hour work week. I’ve seen a lot of conservatives on social media deriding this for making us more like those lazy Europeans, but for knowledge workers, it’s fiction that people can be mentally on your game more than 6 hours a day. Sure, you can work longer, but with diminishing returns for the remaining hours.

Drinking after work is sexist? Haven’t we been through this crap before?


Weekly Gun News – Edition 46

We’ll end the week on a news post. Been busy trying to make up for some lack of productivity in the beginning of this week.

The Nation: “Voters Are Ready to Punish Pro-Gun Politicians. There’s Just One Problem.” They claim the problem is voters don’t know the positions of their politicians. This is probably space prep for ad campaigns by Bloomberg against Ayotte and Rubio. If either of them go down the gun control folks will take credit. They are building their own narrative, and they are doing it successfully. Why? Because our people are living in a fantasy land, for the most part.

None of these activists are going to vote for Pat Toomey, and a lot of gun voters aren’t either. So what did Toomey gain by courting Bloomberg? Note who Toomey didn’t throw under the bus? The “values voters.” He’s still as pro-life as ever. When gun owners understand why that is, we might get somewhere. Why is that? Because they are a far more motivated minority than we are, and they get their hands into everything. You can’t swing a dead cat in DC without hitting a SoCo, even in issues that have nearly nothing to do with social conservatism. It’s not just DC either. Pro-lifers show up locally too.

This article overstates the degree to which the gun control movement is building real grassroots, rather than enjoying the largess and showmanship Bloomberg’s money can bring, but the pro-gun side has turned unserious and disunited. If we don’t change that, for all practical purposes, this article is correct.

TSA stops a passenger with a 3D printed revolver.

Interesting developments in Supreme Court opinions that aren’t about guns but affect gun rights. If you’ve ever been convicted of a Misdemeanor of the First Degree in Pennsylvania for refusing a DUI blood or breath test, you can now obtain relief from firearms disability.

Former soldier: “We need gun control now more than ever.” He doesn’t know the difference between a machine gun and a semi-auto. Any gun owner who supports gun control is delusional if they think they won’t be eaten last.

Hey, Dems are running ads attacking Toomey for being too pro-gun anyway. How’s that talking out of both sides of your mouth working for ya Pat? Even PolitiFact is calling Toomey on his record. The gun control vote was never up for grabs, what little of it there is. All Toomey did was piss off supporters he needs for fundraising and votes.

Legal Insurrection: “Maybe there’s something to the slippery slope argument after all.” Anyone who understands the political process knows that slippery slopes are very real. Only naive people believe it’s a fallacy.

#DisarmHate on rally on the National Mall. What’s hate, you might ask? You are!

Notice that the New York Times says “Donald Trump Courts the Gun Zealots.” Think they’d use “Hillary Courts Pro-Choice Zealots?” or “Hillary Courts Black Lives Matter Zealots?” No, if course they wouldn’t. That would be bigoted, and the SJWs would destroy them.

I never liked that the Libertarian Party seemed more interested in arguing about what libertarianism is, and defining people out of the tent rather than building a political movement of generally like-minded people. That said, I think the kids today could probably use a lesson on what libertarianism is (hint, it ain’t Bill Weld). Yeah, not this bullshit either. Then again, if you don’t play dirty, you’re not really playing.

Seen on the Internets: “This isn’t a case for the NRA. This is a case for Aerosmith.” Yet another case where you couldn’t have a discussion with someone because they lack the basic level of knowledge necessary to begin the discussion. Unfortunately, very few people can admit “OK, so you got me, I really don’t know much about this topic. Explain it to me.”

I think this is true: “Today’s Tech Oligarchs are Worse than the Robber Barons.” There was a time when tech people were almost universally anti-establishment and anti-authoritarian. Then some of us decided to become the man.

How Jon Stewart’s Culture of Ridicule Left America Unprepared for Donald Trump.” I was more of a fan of The Daily Show and Stewart when the show was a parody of the news. Once Stewart picked sides and got overtly political, but then would cop out with “I’m just a comedian,” when people would challenge him, his schtick got old quick. He’s another figure that became “the man” while always denying it.


Weekly Gun News – Edition 45

Another week, another set of tabs. Been getting out and walking a lot. I’m trying to keep it at a mile a day, average. I do notice it brings my BP down for hours afterwards, sometimes rather dramatically. Doctor doubled my originally low-dose of beta blockers, but I’m not convinced it’s doing much of anything. I got the most results from the diuretic. People keep telling me it takes a bit to get the med cocktail right, but I’m not the most patient patient. Anyways, the news:

Another week, another Bloomberg Mayor gets busted in a meth in exchange for sex sting.

Dems see a glimmer of hope for gun control in Hillary. If she wins, it won’t be an endorsement of gun control, but a rejection of Trump. But that won’t be the narrative.

For Dems, gun control no longer a third rail.

Investor Place: “Sturm, Ruger & Company: RGR Stock Is Still a Solid Long-Term Pick.

Gun on campus in Texas: the world won’t end this time either.

Remember, rural white males are the only demographic in this country that it’s still OK to make fun of.

Bloomberg endorses Toomey.

Junk science on gun control. Anytime they won’t share data, that study shouldn’t be paid any attention to.

Pastor wins AR-15 in raffle with intent to destroy it. Except he had another parishioner keep it for him, which is a violation of the Bloomberg backed law they recently passed. We told you that this law was intended to trap innocents, and you didn’t believe us.

Not a surprise: ATF illegally hoarding personal information associated with multiple sales forms.

Charles C.W. Cooke: “People of all races and both genders are taking advantage of loosened gun laws.

Funny how that works: “But fearing more lone-wolf attacks on their soil, Germans are requesting self-defense weapons permits in record high numbers and experts say citizens across every socioeconomic class from ‘workers or professors.’ Selling bullshit propaganda to millennials. They have to lie. If people knew the truth they might start agreeing we have enough laws.

Miguel also digs into some press stories involving and finds there’s often more to it. There almost always is. That’s why I don’t publish this week’s outrages anymore. The press used to at least claim to strive for truth and objectivity. Back then it was fun to go after the media. Now there’s almost no sport in it.

Off Topic:

A review of “Hillbilly Elegy,” a book that explores the state of Hillbilly America (i.e. Trump Country).

A modern day Rorke’s Drift. These guys deserve recognition, and not what they got, which was having their bravery buried to cover up that the British Army dropped in undersupplied soldiers into a no-win situation.

I’d vote for Clint Eastwood for President over either of those two, or Gary Johnson.

SayUncle takes a look at the pros and cons of Trump.

Lessons in unintended consequences of legal arrangements: in China, apparently if you get hit by a car, you better run if you can, because the driver will probably try to hit you again to kill you.

Don’t Tread on Me now officially declared racist by Obama Administration, meaning an employer allowing it to be worn to work could create a hostile work environment liability.

Weekly Gun News – Edition 44

There are tabs to clear, and things to be done! But walking outside ain’t one of them, because it’s too effin hot.

Guidance issued by State Department on ITAR regulations and FFLs. This will require gunsmiths to register, which costs thousands of dollars a year, since the Administration has decided to label them “manufacturers.”

No, next question: are AR-15s assault rifles (warning, auto play video).

Gun club memberships in coastal New Hampshire on the rise. Note that the coastal areas are where a lot of fleeing Massachusetts people choose to settle, so a good sign.

Knife Rights: The Unseen Side of the Second Amendment” This part of the movement has been enjoying a lot of quiet success.

This is not good news. The cause? Bloomberg’s money, pretty much.

You don’t say? New York Times argues that there might be a copycat effect in regards to mass shootings.

Joe Huffman on “proportional force.” This is found in a lot of other places, and it’s bunk. Deadly force is deadly force, and you should be allowed to defend yourself with deadly force.

Yes, there are still gun owners out there who are ignorant as hell,a n don’t mind advertising it to the world. They usually tend to be old fogies who don’t feel comfortable with changing technology and culture.

Derpwagon operators still in jail.

More women are viewing gun rights as a top issue.

No shocker: Hillary delegate to DNC says the whole “common sense” and “for the children” thing is just a sham, and the real purpose is to ban guns.

Speaking of Dems and Guns, support for the Second Amendment has been erased from the Democratic Platform.

Chris Cox: “Clinton Supreme Court means ‘your right to own a firearm is gone’” I’ve seen lefty sites mocking this, but it’s absolutely true. Ginsburg has been pretty up front about her desire to overturn Heller and McDonald.

Gun cartoon of the day. The internet, for the most part, is becoming a wasteland. Especially social media.

Twitter plummets! We’re probably going to be removing our presence on Twitter in the near future. Their censorship of conservative views is becoming blatant, and it just plain sucks. I don’t care what they are censoring, a social media platform needs to be neutral if it is to be useful.

Why the NRA isn’t talking about guns. The real truth is that a few years ago, when NRA experienced a backlash from its membership over their past endorsement of Harry Reid, they discovered their members didn’t really give a shit about gun rights, so much as making sure NRA is on the “right side” of conservative issues.

The Guardian: “Hillary Clinton’s focus on guns is politically bold. Her solutions are old school.” Well, she’s an old white woman, the gun control crowd’s core base.

I have to agree with SayUncle that Trump played the Russian e-mail leak well. The best comment I’ve ever heard about Trump was “It’s like the comment sections of the Internet came to life as Donald Trump and decided to run for President.”


Weekly Gun News – Edition 43

Again, hate to start off the week with a links post, but it’ll be a long week. Went to the Doctor for the migraines and they found out my blood pressure was through the roof. They are trying anti-hypertensive drugs to bring things down, and I’m trying to be patient and not panic about it. Doesn’t help that I’m pretty severely medical phobic, as in takes every bit of my willpower not to run out of there screaming. Even with home checking, the cuff freaks me the hell out and the thing reads all over the place. I think the protocol will probably be to medicate me with anti-hypertensives until I start passing out :) I seem to be pretty tolerant of the beta-blocker I started taking Friday, but it also isn’t dropping it a whole lot (it’s about a 40% of max dose for my weight). But enough about that, here’s the news:

France is looking for some good guys with guns.

The Nation: “The NRA’s “insurgency theory” fantasy rests on the idea that “patriots” will rise up in unison against government tyranny. But the reality is that firearms have never been a bulwark against tyranny; we’ve maintained a Constitutional government for 230 years because of the separation of powers – because the Framers divided power between co-equal branches of government that serve as checks on any branch gaining absolute power.” Good thing no one is doing everything they can do undermine separation of powers.

Bloomberg seems to be rallying top generals and veterans to push gun control. I don’t for a minute believe these are independent efforts.

Reason: “If you like the war on drugs, you’ll love the war on guns!

Al Sharpton asks if the Second Amendment is for whites only. I don’t know anyone in the RKBA movement who believes that.

Why 2016 Could Be a Turning Point on Guns. To be honest, it could be.

Dems vow to keep heat on GOP over gun control. They think it’s a winning issue, and if they keep winning, they will be right.

Congressional staffers refuse “gun free zone” signs in front of their houses. I’ve never really thought this was much of a gotcha, to be honest. I wouldn’t put a “This home is well-armed” sign in front of my house either.

Gavin Newsmen is a piece of garbage, but he’s also likely to be the next Governor of California.

Obama can’t lay off the gun control talk, even at a funeral. Classy.

Non Gun:

Truck attack!

The 9th Circuit has ruled it’s now a crime to visit someone’s web site if they don’t want you to. No worries here. Everyone is welcome.

I thought this was a good read: “When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism

This is actually worthwhile legislation if the Republicans are serious about pushing it: “It’s time to dismantle the ‘fourth branch’

How Obama Left us More Racially Divided Than Ever.


Weekly Gun News – Edition 42

I hate to start a week with a news links post, but I have too many tabs, and they need a clearin’. This is a mix of old and new news.

NPR is forced to issue a correction that Shannon Watts isn’t just some stay at home mom that decided to stand up and do something about gun control.

Three Strategies to Beat the NRA. None of these will work because they still don’t get what really makes us successful. Hint: it’s not a top down movement.

Why are anti-gun people so violent? I hope the good professor here knows that NRA HQ being a gun free zone is a myth perpetrated by gun control groups.

Uber is and remains an anti-gun company.

Hawaii puts gun owners into FBI Database. Expect other states to follow this.

Forbes: “Law Professor Demands Repeal Of ‘Outdated’ Second Amendment, Makes Very Weak Case

This reporter schools New York Daily News Reporter Gresh Kuntzman.

A way around California’s new AWB.

Gun Control groups target Rubio (R-FL), Ayotte (R-NH), and Johnson (R-WI). Good to see Ayotte’s capitulations paying off for her.

Charleston Church victim sues FBI over gun buy.

Fifth Circuit: No Second Amendment Right to a Machine Gun. In truth, we’ll be lucky to get protections against semi-auto bans.

Jim Geraghty: “We should all be afforded the time and space to mourn, to process, to cope. But it’s hard to take a deep breath and reflect when your Twitter feed blows up with complete strangers insisting “YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!” for the actions of a madman.

Joe Huffman: Gun Access Makes Women Safer.

York Dispatch: A surprisingly positive article about gun shows.

Slate: “Whatever Happened to Michael Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Crusade? It still exists—and it’s starting to work.” They don’t hate money in politics. They just hate your money in politics.

Times Union: “Second Amendment not an unrestrained license to kill.” Who argued that it was? It sure would be nice if they argued about things we actually believed.

Shocker: “Study Learns Chicago Criminals DON’T Buy Their Guns Legally.

Non Gun:

The New Censorship: “How did Google become the internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?

City Journal: “Elected on themes of hope and renewal, his very ascendancy a powerful statement about the country’s racial journey, he chose to use the White House as a vehicle to introduce a new era of racial grievance into our national discourse. Unfortunately, he succeeded in this effort—and failed America.” I’m seeing a lot more articles along these lines, and not just from conservative media.

Weekly Gun News – Edition 41

The struggle continues. Remember that time is our greatest ally. Generally speaking, once people stop feeling and start thinking, we usually do OK. Its your job, individually, to try to get people to think. Due process is a serious concern for everyone. Even when you leave the domain of constitutional rights, I doubt you’d find support for revoking drivers’ licenses for people on FBI watch lists. Keep the conversation going, and as always, catch more flies with honey.

Ace of Spades “The Competition to Say the Stupidest Possible Thing Has been Unusually Fierce Today” To be fair, I don’t expect non-shooters to know how loud gunfire is versus a popping bike tire. But if you’re ignorant of the subject you should probably acknowledge as much as refrain from commenting.

Dave Kopel: The History of LGBT gun-rights litigation.

Just One Minute has some good commentary on the terror watch list stuff.

Bob Casey changed on guns because he was never in favor of gun rights to begin with. He lied to people to get into office. I was one of those fools. Never again.

Patrick Jonsson: “What AR-15 Owners Say About Their Guns and the Orlando Shooting.” He has been a fair reporter on this issue.

Selena Zito: “Orlando attack re-exposes the great American divide

The Week: “How Democrats Cynically Abandoned All Principle on Guns.” “A five-year ban on anyone who is merely suspected of being involved in terrorism is an egregious violation of due process and constitutional rights — and it goes without saying that the people targeted by these investigations will be largely Muslims.”

Even Gawker thinks this terror watch list stuff is bogus. I don’t think this issue falls along the traditional right/left device. If falls along whether you’re an authoritarian or a civil libertarian, and since politicians tend more toward the authoritarian side of the spectrum, that’s what’s going to give us trouble.

Ann Althouse: “Why aren’t human beings better at reasoning? Notice that this guy is — probably unwittingly — declaring that he’d be just fine with a law that came right out and said no Muslims can buy guns.” When you boil it down, a lot of people would. And so would an uncomfortable number of people who otherwise claim to support gun rights.

Lessons Learned from the Orlando Shooting Police Response.

Charles C.W. Cooke: “Is there something in the water over at Slate?

Chris Cox: “Where Does the ‘Powerful Gun Lobby’ Get Its Power?” He’s right about their ability to communicate being a lot better. It has improved greatly from what it was when I started blogging.

AMA Looking to Profit from Orlando Shooting. The AMA is probably a bigger enemy on this topic than the CDC. The CDC is always out to please its political masters, whereas the AMA will always publish stuff that puts gun rights in a bad light.

Clayton Cramer: Target ISIS, not pressure cookers.

Also from Clayton: Assault Weapons, Fact & Fiction.

Joan Peterson: “I have a question for these folks. Do you honestly think that those who have been identified as known terrorists should be able to purchase guns legally from licensed dealers?” She poses the question like she wants a discussion, but she does not. Any pro-gun position on her blog eventually gets banned when they show she’s incapable of thinking or arguing. She’ll manipulate her comments to make herself look smarter than she really is.

Reminder: The gun control movement doesn’t have a monopoly on victims. There’s way too much of people claiming victimhood status to avoid healthy debate and discussion, and its ruining the country.

Dave Hardy: “Why, you’d almost think that the gun issue is a legislative surrogate for the conflict between criminals and honest people….

Shannon Watts is out again with that “regular ol’ mom” crap.

Charlie Mitchell: “Today’s National Rifle Association is a trade association — protecting manufacturers — yet masquerades as a grassroots citizen rights movement.” I stop reading after that, because right there that tells me he doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about.

Gallup Poll: 2:1 Americans think arming more people with concealed carry guns will help prevent terrorism.

Looks like G4S may have doctored some of the psych eval paperwork for the Orlando attacker.

Off Topic, but sadly not really:

The Senate very narrowly rejected a bill that would have given the FBI expanded surveillance powers to search e-mail records without a warrant. Note it was mostly Dems that stopped this. Except for Paul (KY), Gardner (CO), Daines (MT), and Murkowski (AK), the rest of the GOP loves themselves some “law and order” even at the expense of civil liberties.

Weekly Gun News – Edition 40

I know we had a round-up earlier in the week, but gun news is a flowing, as you might expect. Given the huge surge in traffic (though not quite so huge as post Sandy Hook), I feel like I should welcome back readers who may have been on hiatus for a bit. We’ll do our best to keep up with the happenings.

For all the crap federally licensed dealers get from gun control folks, they are our first line of defense, and unlike the FBI, they care a lot more about not selling guns to nut jobs than they care about political correctness. This shop deserves kudos for calling it right.

Roberta X: “More Guns Won’t Stop This –A Rant

Speaking of whack jobs, that shooter was quite a piece of work. I seems everyone had concerns about him. Well, everyone except the FBI. I get there needs to be a crime, but threatening people is a crime. Jim Geraghty notes, “And government officials wonder why people think they should to own a gun to protect themselves!”

Guards at nuclear plants just got the OK to use “assault rifles.” That’s odd, I thought the feds had rules for that which overrode state law.

The current terror watch list before Congress wouldn’t have stopped this mass shooter because he was taken off of it in 2014. Funny how it always work out that way.

Joe Huffman: “A question about NEED” Some good tips for talking to people about the topic. Ultimately, we don’t win this issue in Congress. We win it through millions of conversations like this.

We need to hope they deny cert in this. A 4-4 ruling upholds the lower court, though I don’t believe it’s president setting.

Larry Correia: Ask Kuntzman. Funniest thing I’ve read all week.

West Hollywood inundated with pro-gun signs. Whoever did this is brilliant.

ThinkProgress: “The Problem With Banning Guns From People On The Terrorist Watch List” Yes, really, ThinkProgress. The GOP has no excuse for caving on this. None. The more principled lefties still hate watch lists.

Gun Control defeated in the House.

The Billionaires Who Back Gun Control. They are the only reason this issue is back from the dead, and all that’s keeping it alive.

Charles C.W. Cooke: “Slate Goes All In On Second Amendment Trutherism


Weekly Gun News – Edition 39

Happy Friday! Time to clear the tabs again.

Member of DNC Platform Committee doesn’t think anyone should have a gun.

Clayton Cramer examines “Gunning for America,” which we talked about here. Clayton notes in the paper: “The Gunning of America Builds on Sand.”

Notice how women’s magazines are running all these anti-gun articles? I don’t believe this is a coincidence. It’s got to be someone’s campaign. If this sage advice had been followed.

Civil Rights victory in New Hampshire! They are no longer allowed to deny permits on the basis of not having one from their home state. We happen to know the parties involved in this case. New Hampshire was a good option for New Jersey people to be able to carry in other states, and now it is again!

More evidence that Katie Couric’s documentary “Under the Gun” is just a propaganda piece masquerading as a documentary.

John Lott: “Four ways Hillary Clinton will work to end gun ownership as president

The Guardian profiles Cody Wilson.

Gun related stocks tank on news that NICS numbers are softening. At some point the gun bubble is going to burst, but if you look at the numbers, this is still the best April on record.

Crime drops when NRA comes to town. Happens every year. You’d think based on what the anti-gun groups say, the city would be rife with shootings over parking spaces and gun accidents.

Dennis Henigan: “Guns Make Killing Easy.” Of course, the flip side to that is they also make it easy to defend yourself. That old saying “God may have created man, but it was Sam Colt that made them equal.”

Boston Globe: “Katie Couric’s editing of ‘Under the Gun’ seems to have backfired.

Yeah, it’s a sad truth that if you watch gun handling at the NRA convention, you’ll start to wonder how accidental shootings are so rare. I’ve always told myself there are probably a lot of non-gun folks who come to ooh and ah. Yes, that sounds comforting.

Hillary Clinton won’t say whether there’s a constitutional right to carry a firearm. Almost certainly she’ll put people on the Supreme Court who will say there isn’t one, if they don’t just overturn Heller outright.

Don’t for a minute let anyone tell you Hillary isn’t flatly against the Second Amendment.

Brian Anse Patrick has a few unkind words to say about “Arming America” “The Gunning of America”

Hot Air: “Remember when Obama lectured Kimberly Corban on firearm safety? Well, her story saved this woman’s life

The Ivory ban is going through, but it looks like there’s some exception for firearms.

Denying fundamental constitutional rights based on browser history. Obama is a master of “Let me argue against this stereotype of what you believe rather than addressing the real issues.”

Off Topic:

Slaying Daesh: An American Advisor in Iraq.


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