State of the Union Drinking Game

By the time we get to a President’s last SOTU before Congress, it pretty much doesn’t matter the party, I’m generally sick of seeing their faces and listening to their crap. Both Obama and Bush were tiresome. If we have President Trump at least I’ll tune in to see what crazy shit he has to say. I don’t know whether Trump would make a good president, but he is at least entertaining. But I figure we could do a little drinking game. I’ll be playing along on Twitter if anyone wants to follow along, and since I don’t have anywhere to go, and have a heroic liver.

Take one drink if he says:

  • Common sense in a gun context
  • Gun violence
  • Gun safety
  • Gun lobby

Take two drinks if:

  • Points out a victim of gun violence in the audience. Yes, if he says any of the other one drink items, this is additive.
  • Mentions anything about believing in or respecting the Second Amendment.
  • Mentions how this doesn’t happen in other countries.
  • Mentions how much gun owners support his measures.

Take three drinks if:

  • Scolds Congress for a lack of action on gun violence.
  • Starts crying.
  • Makes any reference to the NRA by name.

Chug the bottle if he:

  • Pulls out his own roscoe and starts waving it around at Congress threatening them if they don’t do something about gun violence.

Good luck! And remember kids, drink responsibility and don’t drink and drive. Which probably means you shouldn’t play this game. I’m not sure there is any responsible way to play this, and if he does pull a rod, I certainly won’t be held responsible!

13 Responses to “State of the Union Drinking Game”

  1. Stephen says:

    For Coloradans, this could be a “bong rip” game (for those so inclined, though not me).

    I wouldn’t mind the drinking game but just can’t see myself suffering through the whole dang speech and then having a hang over to boot.

  2. D. Allen says:

    If he shucks a heater during the S.O.U.,it will be the only time in the last 7 yrs.that I will WANT to hear what he has to say.

  3. lucusloc says:

    Re: Chug the bottle

    Best to make sure you dont play with a full bottle. Get something from the cabinet that only has a bit left in it. Considering how much of it you are likely to drink from the glass it is probably also best to make sure it is low proof. Might I suggest mixed drinks? As in mix it with a lot of water? It is the only way to be sure to survive.

  4. Stephen says:

    BTW — you forgot to mention “machine guns” or “weapons of war don’t belong on our streets.” Both of those would be a double, I believe.

    • Jim Jones says:

      Don’t forget the NFA items’ brand new status of “most dangerous weapons”. Invented out of thin air. I’m sure we will see a whole lot more of this category in the future. Propaganda that would make Edward Bernays blush with envy.

  5. Padre says:

    What if he mentions children in a gun context? One each? And two if he uses the phrase ‘for…children’.

  6. aerodawg says:

    So you want us to die of alcohol poisoning?

  7. .45ACP+P says:

    If I play by your rules, I will need 2 Half Gallons. That Son of a …… ain’t worth it.

  8. SDN says:

    Now, Sebastian, he’s been waving his “rod” at the entire country for 7 years, and I have the liver to prove it.

  9. Joe says:

    Every time he says the word “I”


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