Hillary Losing the Young Vote?

Eric notices she’s not doing too well among the young.  Looks like she does best with the over 55 crowd.  She would also appear to not be a college educated person’s type of liberal.

My theory on this is that younger, better educated people aren’t enamored with the whole idea of a woman president.  To our generation, the idea that a woman could be president isn’t very revolutionary; we expect it will happen, and the idea isn’t novel. Aging women, who didn’t grow up with full societal acceptance of women in positions of power, really want to see a woman president in their lifetime, and Hillary is their gal.

One thought on “Hillary Losing the Young Vote?”

  1. I think that a more likely explanation for Hillary’s demographic appeal is that she is a Nasty Old Statist Hippie Chick (NOSHC), and only her fellow NOSHCs are going to go for that sort of garbage.

    Non-statists are going to be completely turned off by the statist and nasty parts, and the young statists are going to be turned off by the stale old rhetoric from Hillary’s heyday in the ’60s. They might find her stale old bod and grotesque face a turnoff, too. Young voters might vote for mom, but never for mom’s evil caricature.

    The over 55 crowd is full of old hippies who are nostalgic for everything that Hill and Bill represent to them: Woodstock, the ’60s, drugs, the certainty that government could never be trusted until they ran it and us, the arrogant youthful certainty that they knew better than everyone else about everything … it’s a long list. For the rest of us, it’s a list of disasters, but for the unrepentant, superannuated hippies, that list is an echo of the best time of their pitiful, destructive, selfish lives.

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