Writing State Police

I’m going to write to the state police public information person about the non-resident reciprocity issue and see what kind of response I get. I’ll post the actual letter as an update a bit later. Unfortunately, the PSP make it rather difficult to contact them by e-mail, so old fashioned snail mail will have to do.

UPDATE: Here’s what I plan to send:

I am writing to obtain some clarification from the Pennsylvania State Police in regards to the attached letter from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office on whether the Pennsylvania State Police recognize out-of-state licenses to carry firearms by people who do not reside in the states with which we have an agreement.  For instance whether a resident of Ohio, in possession of a valid license to carry firearms from The State of New Hampshire, would be able to lawfully carry a firearm in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I represent a blog, with approximately fifteen thousand visits a month, that covers issues of concern to Pennsylvanians involved in the shooting sports and gun rights communities.  One of my readers brought this issue to my attention, and we would certainly appreciate any clarification the Pennsylvania State Police can offer, in regards to State Police policy, and officer training, on the issue of reciprocity agreements with other states for carrying firearms.

We’ll see how they respond.