Making Crap Up

Days of our Trailer links to more VPC Google Research that creates assumptions out of thin air. Unfortunately, it’s not just the other side that engages in this. Over the past few days I’ve noticed some folks in our movement struggling with the fact that NRA seems to have gotten behind and passed a Constitutional Carry bill in Arizona. Why is it so difficult to believe that NRA would actually support such a bill where it’s possible to pass it?

I don’t have any problem with informed criticism of NRA, or its actions, and I’ve often enjoyed conversations about the problems with NRA with people who actually know and understand the organization. But so much of the criticism out there is half-assed an uninformed, almost to the point that I think some accusations and opinions are made from whole cloth.

The fact is that NRA supported Constitutional Carry in Arizona. NRA has a lobbyist in Arizona, and he was supporting this bill from the beginning. Todd Rathner is also an NRA Board member, and will be up for re-election next year. I think we can all agree this is the kind of presence we like to have on the Board.